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Battlefield 2042 Is Currently Not Part of Steam’s Top 100 Played Games List

Battlefield 2042’s popularity keeps going down as it now leaves Steam’s top 100 played games.

Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042’s rocky path seems to continue. Players complained about multiple aspects of the game ever since it was in its Beta stage.

Since then, complaints about technical issues and overall mechanics implemented in the game have been a constant. Players recently expressed they felt scammed due to the lack of a content roadmap so far.

This constant stream of issues has undoubtedly affected the game’s popularity.

Now, the impact of these problems has become so overwhelming that Battlefield 2042 is dropping fast on Steam’s most-played games.

Battlefield 2042 Exited Steam’s Top 100 Played Games List

Battlefield 2042 player count has steadily decreased, leaving the game out of Steam’s Top 100 played games list. The game currently sits in the 112th position as of writing.

Presently, Battlefield 2042 earns this position with a current player count of 8,078 players and a total peak of 12,950 players in the last 24 hours.

Notably, Battlefield V is way up in this list, reaching position 84 in the ranking. This situation is nothing new, as in the latter half of December, Battlefield V had already surpassed Battlefield 2042’s player count on Steam.

Keep in mind that this list gets constantly updated, and Battlefield 2042 could return to being part of it.

The developer of this title is back from the holidays, so new updates might drive players back into the game and get Battlefield 2042 up on the list.

Even though this is a possibility, gamers are already worried that Battlefield 2042 might be the “death” of the Battlefield series.

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Battlefield 2042’s drop in the Steam top 100 played games list is certainly not surprising. Battlefield 2042 fans have been displeased with the game for a long time now.

The discontent towards the title is so massive that many believe not even content updates might be enough to save Battlefield 2042.

Thus far, the EA Comms Director has responded to fan backlash and tried to mitigate it. Unfortunately, fans are still planning to boycott the game as a form of protest against EA.

Now that DICE and EA are back from holidays and working on the game, updates should start rolling soon. Although, according to Battlefield 2042’s Director, it will take some time to see improvements in the game.

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