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Battlefield 2042 Specialists Are Here To Stay, Says Leaker

Battlefield 2042’s Specialists are not going anywhere, according to a leaker.

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to become one of the biggest titles by EA DICE. The game is grabbing everyone’s attention but for all the wrong reasons.

It is no surprise that fans didn’t like the latest Battlefield. Not even a month has gone by, and Battlefield 2042 has already hit its lowest player count.

Fans are hoping for an overhaul of the Battlefield 2042 Specialists. With new members joining the EA DICE developer team, this could have been a possibility. However, a leak says otherwise.

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battlefield 2042 specialists

Battlefield 2042 Specialists Will See Enhancements in the Next Title

There’s no doubt that fans hate the new Battlefield 2042 Specialists system. But it appears the Battlefield franchise will retain the Specialists in the series and aim to make the Specialists into some sort of heroes.

According to popular leaker Tom Henderson, the next Battlefield title is going to have heroes as part of their story narrative. This most likely means that the highly disliked Specialists system will get enhancements and stay in the series.

Even though DICE is shaking things up and planning plenty of changes, the direction of the game remains unchanged. The fans are not thrilled about this decision and one user’s reply summed up the entire community’s sentiment.

Looks like this will be my last Battlefield then. I can tolerate it this time for 2042, but not any after that. Battlefield is a military-themed, class-based, teamplay-focused game, not a hero pew pew shooter.

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battlefield specialists system

Further, Reddit user ‘FB_Bentley‘ took to Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to share this new leak. As expected, the fans are not happy with this decision. And are already replacing Battlefield 2042 with other options out there.

Many fans are afraid that this marks the “death” of their beloved series. Although, what’s in store for the next Battlefield title remains to be seen.

Also, many Battlefield 2042 players are demanding refunds after this broken update.

On top of that, Battlefield 2042 players hate the bizarre Specialist skins recently added to the game.

Finally, amidst all the bad news for the game, it looks like one of Battlefield 2042’s biggest issue finally has a fix.

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