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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Release Date & Exposure Map Leaked

It seems that we’ll be waiting a long time for more Battlefield 2042 content, with the Season 1 release date seemingly scheduled for March 2022.

Battlefield 2042 was one of the biggest releases of this year, yet the game certainly failed to live up to expectations for many fans. Although DICE did a great job of delivering epic trailers to bring hype levels up, the game had no way of delivering on its promises.

Because of this, Battlefield 2042’s player count is being overtaken by Battlefield 5. And with players returning to a former title already, we can’t imagine what will happen to 2042 in the coming months.

battlefield 2042

Especially as one dataminer is reporting that Battlefield 2042 Season 1 might not arrive until March 2022. Recently, the addition of weekly missions gave players something to work towards.

But more new content might not be coming quite so soon.

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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Update Release Date

According to a new tweet by Battlefield 2042 dataminer Temporyal, the release date of Season 1 is March 2022.

Currently, Battlefield 2042 is having a free weekend to encourage more gamers to try the game for themselves. Right now though, Battlefield 2042 is sitting at 77,000 Mostly Negative reviews on Steam, so even a free weekend might not be enough.

Because of the easy access, dataminer Temporyal had another delve into the game’s files, and found some surprising information. Reportedly, there are currently enough Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions for 12 preseason weeks.

Battlefield 2042 Vehicle Gunfight

And unless some of those are ‘just in case’, that puts Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 firmly in March 2022. That’s a long time to wait for new content, and the game’s player base is already dropping fast.

But at least we’ll be getting a new map – here’s what we know.

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Battlefield 2042 Exposure Map – Season 1 DLC

The new datamine reveals that the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 map is called Exposure. And from what we can tell, it appears to be the same as the Ridge map we’ve covered before.

Exposure appears to be set in a Canadian research facility that has been recently damaged by a landslide. No-Pats will battle it out over control of the area due to claims that a military weapon is in operation at the location.

Meanwhile, a new addition to Battlefield 2042 appears to be killing the 128 player game modes.

And fed up Battlefield 2042 fans want Specialists removed even months after launch!

But new leaks suggest that the controversial Specialists system is here to stay – even in the game’s sequel.

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Comments 3


Monday 20th of December 2021

BFV is no where close to passing 2042. Doing a 30 second Google search you can see BFV peak player count in the last 24 hours is literally 50% of 2042's. Do a little research before you jump on a reddit bandwagon and trash this game.

Raymond Trillas

Monday 20th of December 2021

This is what happens when a company goes woke .


Monday 20th of December 2021

@Raymond Trillas,