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Battlefield 2042 Players Demand Return of Scoreboard

Battlefield 2042 is out in the wild, and gamers are demanding the return of the scoreboard.

Many are already jumping into Battlefield 2042 via Early Access.

A few matches in, and gamers already agree about the good and bad things in Battlefield 2042.

As everyone jumps on board, details such as all the weapons available in the Portal mode are now known.

There is undoubtedly a crowd having a good time with this title.

Unfortunately, players have consistently pointed out the lack of a scoreboard as a negative.

Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard

Will the Classic Scoreboard Be Back on Battlefield 2042?

Gamers have united their voice, demanding the return of the classic scoreboard to Battlefield 2042.

A gamer on Reddit was clear about the many reasons why this is a massive omission for the community.

Namely, this opinion points out how the lack of a scoreboard can disconnect players from their teams.

Considering the competitive nature of Battlefield 2042, the lack of a scoreboard can be detrimental. Especially for players who enjoy the ongoing competition factor.

As well, this is not only a disconnection to your own team’s performance. A lack of a scoreboard also blindsides you to how the competition fared on the match.

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Mind you, this is not an isolated petition. Many players voiced their concerns on Twitter as well.

EA shared an Xbox issue affecting the Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial. Even on that post, some gamers requested the return of the scoreboard feature.

Undoubtedly, the voices were loud and clear about this matter.

Some took a polite approach, even thanking DICE in advance.

Overall, the message is clear. Gamers want their scoreboard back in Battlefield 2042.

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