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Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Changes Release Date – Update 3.3

Finally, Battlefield 2042 will be getting an update for the game’s scoreboard and as well as Battlefield Portal XP – here’s the release date!

Battlefield 2042’s first couple of months have been pretty rough. Glitches, gameplay issues, and design choices that fans didn’t agree with have all contributed to this difficult start.

This culminated in fans of the series calling Battlefield 2042 “One of the biggest disappointments in gaming history” but DICE is still working hard to fix the game.

After over a month of silence (not including the controversial outburst at fans from the EA comms director) DICE has finally announced some important updates for the game. This finally includes a date for the long-awaited scoreboard improvements.

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Changes Coming in Update 3.3

Fans have been demanding a better scoreboard in Battlefield 2042 for almost 2 months now and it looks like they will be getting it very soon.

Unfortunately, it won’t be arriving just yet though. In the meantime, the new 3.2 update will be fixing stability issues and Portal XP.

Following this, update 3.3 will address the scoreboard in Battlefield 2042. The exact release date for this isn’t known but DICE has said it will arrive in mid to late February.

Additionally, the developer has given players a look at what the scoreboard will look like following the update.

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Battlefield 2042

The revamped Battlefield 2042 scoreboard will allow players to see how they stack up compared to all of the other players from across the server. This, alongside the much-requested Battlefield 2042 voice chat feature, is what players have been asking for since release.

What’s more, this won’t be the only scoreboard update either. DICE says that the scoreboard will receive further updates in the future too.

This is great news for players who worry that Battlefield 2042 is already dead. If DICE continues to listen to fans and support the game, it could still be a success yet!

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In other news, the Battlefield 2042 player count continues to struggle. Even Battlefield 1 is now more popular than 2042 on Steam.

Plus, many fans are still requesting refunds for Battlefield 2042. This could stop if the next couple of updates improve the game though – let’s hope they do!

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