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Battlefield 2042 Removes Map From PS4 & Xbox One Due to Poor Stability

Battlefield 2042 removes a popular map from Xbox One and PlayStation 4 playlists after stability problems caused issues in-game.

Battlefield 2042’s launch has been far from plain-sailing. The game has come under stinging criticism for its lack of some of the most basic features (a scoreboard and voice chat anyone?), game-breaking bugs, and lackluster gameplay.

And despite calls to “scrap” Battlefield 2042 completely, DICE has been working to improve the game. Two substantial updates were released in November and December. And more recently, the developers laid out the plans for future updates going forward.

Those plans included a small update released earlier today (January 20). And while aimed at bug fixes and improving stability it seems that — at least for some players — the opposite has been the case.

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Battlefield 2042 Removes Renewal From PS4 and Xbox One Playlists

Hours after the update went out, the Battlefield Direct Communication team announced the reveal of Renewal from current-gen playlists.

Citing “decreased stability”, Renewal has been removed as a “temporary measure” with fans asked to wait for further updates.

Renewal map removed Battlefield 2042

Renewal is part of the Breakthrough, Conquest, and Hazard Zone playlists. It remains available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and the PlayStation 5 versions of the game.

No timeline was given for when Renewal might return to current-gen consoles. Though, what is certain is how the community feels about this latest misstep. This one comment sums up the feeling for many:

One player even felt that removing maps isn’t that big of an issue… just make it one everyone hates.

It really does seem like game developers can’t catch a break. Yesterday, the Halo Infinite dev team had a similar face-palm moment. Announcing a fix for the Big Team Battle game mode and then minutes later revealing that it was still broken.

But when it comes to Battlefield 2042, change needs to come and come fast. Fans are still not happy with the lack of a proper Scoreboard and the game remains without voice chat.

It has gotten so bad that more people are choosing to play Battlefield 1 than venture into its near-future sequel.

There are reasons to be hopeful though, another major update is planned for February that promises Scoreboard and “Quality of Life” improvements. Fans can only hope Renewal returns in time for that.

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