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Battlefield 2042: Remastered Fan-Favorite Maps, Battlefield Hub & More Info Revealed

The recent EA Play Live 2021: The Future of FPS has revealed new information for Battlefield 2042 including remastered fan-favorite maps and more game info. Here is everything we have learned about the highly anticipated shooter which is arriving later this year.

Battlefield 2042 is perhaps one of the most exciting game announcements in recent years. Only last month fans were treated to the official Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer. Similarly, at E3 2021 the Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer was also shown off, giving players a glimpse into what the game will play like.

Battlefield 2042
(Source: DICE EA)

Despite how excited fans are for the new game, news regarding Battlefield 2042 has been scarce since its reveal. Now, more key info has been revealed at the latest EA Play Live 2021 event. Although we already know the Battlefield 2042 maps revealed for launch day, it looks like there could be even more coming when the game launches on October 22.

Battlefield 2042: Remastered Fan-Favorite Maps

In a recent presentation regarding the future of FPS titles, new info has been shared regarding the upcoming futuristic military shooter, Battlefield 2042. Interestingly enough, a number of exciting rumors appear to have been confirmed in the showcase.

Battlefield 2042
(Source: DICE EA)

For example, earlier last month we reported on a Battlefield 2042 leak which revealed a brand-new game mode with classic maps and more. According to the latest information, this is exactly what fans can expect to see.

In fact, it was mentioned during the presentation that Battlefield 2042 will be getting remastered fan-favorite maps, redesigned and reimagined for the new game. Furthermore, although there was little information regarding the mysterious Hazard Zone mode, other development details were hinted at.

Battlefield Maps
(Source: DICE EA)

DICE EA has been working on a secret project, which has allegedly been in the works for a long time. Although it’s likely that EA will remain tight-lipped until more info is revealed later this month. However, In a recent video, JackFrags made the following comment regarding the project and the EA Play Live event.

This thing they’ve been working on has been on the whiteboard for ten years or so, so whatever it is it’s big.

JackFrags @YouTube

According to new information, the rumored Battlefield Hub experience could be the huge project that DICE has been working on. Furthermore, it appears that there is massive excitement around the project. According to DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson, Zoom calls that have shown off the mode have consistently been met with high praise.

(Source: DICE EA)

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Cloud Computing & Commander Mode in Battlefield 2042

In addition to the fan-favorite map remaster, other key information was hinted at during the EA Play Live event. Interestingly, Gabrielson touched briefly on cloud computing and its role in future Battlefield titles. Although there is no word on whether this will be utilized in 2042.

According to Gabrielson, cloud computing may elevate the Battlefield franchise improving everything from AI, terrain destruction, procedural level creation, and more. Although Battlefield 2042 is already introducing some major changes such as a new specialist system.

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Battlefield 2042 City
(Source: DICE EA)

Similarly, at one point DICE EA’s General Manager even spoke about Commander Mode. For those that are unfamiliar Commander Mode was an existing feature where players could command, supply, and help out their troops on the ground using a number of features such as UAV, airstrikes, and more.

Sadly, information regarding Commander Mode coming to Battlefield 2042 was scarce. Although, Gabrielson did mention that this is a feature he has missed from previous games. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to imagine it could come to Battlefield 2042. After all, 2042 is introducing new live service content, seasons & battle passes.

battlefield 2042 orbital map
(Source: DICE EA)

Recently Battlefield 2042’s official partners were announced. If you’re wanting to get the best experience when the game arrives later this year, check out the official partners.

Similarly, here are all of the confirmed weapons that we know about so far in Battlefield 2042. If you want to know more about the types of weapons you’re going to be using, take a look for yourself.

Finally, the new weapon attachment switching system is a brand-new feature to the franchise. For more information on how this will change the Battlefield experience, we’ve got you covered.

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