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Battlefield 2042 Refund Petition Reaches 150,000 Signatures

The Battlefield 2042 refund petition is getting way more traction than anyone though – it has reached a whopping 150,000 signatures now!

Battlefield 2042’s first few months have been pretty disastrous and things could be getting even worse for EA and DICE.

Not only are the Battlefield 2042 servers almost entirely empty due to low player counts, but an increasing number of upset fans are demanding that EA refunds them for the game!

As not everyone could get their money back, one player started a petition asking for Battlefield 2042 refunds. However, what started as a hopeful attempt has gotten way more attention than anyone thought!

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battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 All Platforms Refund Petition Gets 150k Supporters

The Battlefield 2042 refund petition had 25,000 signatures just 4 days ago but it has exploded in popularity in the last few days.

At the moment, Battlefield fans have a lot to be unhappy about. Whether it is DICE delaying the 2042 scoreboard update again, general discontent about the game, or complaints that Season 1 won’t arrive until summer now, almost every Battlefield 2042 player has an issue.

This has led the number of signatures on the Battlefield 2042 refund petition to skyrocket to over 150,000!

However, now that the petition is so popular, the real question is how will EA and DICE react to it?

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Battlefield 2042 Petition 150,000

How Will EA Respond to the Refund Petition?

DICE has already revealed a free bundle for Battlefield 2042 Gold and Ultimate Edition players, but this won’t be enough to satisfy angry and disappointed fans.

While EA issuing full refunds to gamers is unlikely, there could be a class-action lawsuit on the cards. However, players getting their money back this way is also not guaranteed and this kind of case can drag out for a very long time.

The most likely short-term outcome of this is that EA addresses fan concerns with future updates. DICE is already making huge changes to the Battlefield 2042 maps so expect more updates like this in response.

However, many players think content updates aren’t enough to save Battlefield 2042. Only time will tell whether DICE can get the game back on track before it is too late.

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In other news, there is one thing DICE could do to get back the trust of fans. Fans of the series want DICE to remaster Battlefield 3 and 4!

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Comments 4



Sunday 13th of February 2022

Battlefield 3 was the best game from all Battlefield games and it should be updated on ps4 and ps5


Saturday 12th of February 2022

I.just going to put anthem out there. After that fiasco I'd never buy an ea game again.


Saturday 12th of February 2022

You know. The fault completely falls on the consumers. This isn't EA's first time doing this. It's been ongoing. But you tards keep giving them money so they keep doing it. Here's a thought. STAHP buying their games and giving them any money. You will then see they change. Will it happen. No, because stupid are greater than intelligent. Prove me wrong.


Saturday 12th of February 2022

Yeah I haven't bought 2042 and I consideryself a battlefield friend. Played the shot out of 4, so I played the shit out of 3. After that bf1/5 is ight. And so much hate on 2042 so not getting it. So agreed just remaster 2, 3 and 4 put some new dlc/maps n Guns. Then stop milking and destroying my childhood Dice. I'd be happy with that. It would be a true Battlefield Portal. Then end the game and let the fans have fun