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Battlefield 2042 Redacted Game Mode Leaks as Battlefield Hub

Battlefield 2042 has a mysterious [REDACTED] game mode that’s now leaking as the Battlefield Hub.

If you’re as eager to get your hands on Battlefield 2042 as we are, chances are you’ve noticed a redacted section on the game’s website. Here, EA is teasing an upcoming game mode that is being made for longtime fans of the franchise, but details are sparse.

Although we know a lot about Battlefield 2042’s confirmed weapons, Specialists, maps, and more, this game mode is still a mystery. At least, that is, until now.

Battlefield 2042 battle pass seasons live service
(Source: EA)

The next time we’ll see Battlefield 2042, it’ll be at EA Play on July 22. And you can sign up for the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta here, to ensure you’re among the first players to set foot in-game.

Battlefield 2042 Hub Game Mode Leaks

Thanks to leaker Tom Henderson, we’ve got new information about Battlefield’s redacted game mode.

In Battlefield 2042’s Hub, players will reportedly have access to the ultimate sandbox experience. Elements from previous Battlefield titles will be present, allowing for fights between Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 3 tanks, Henderson cites as one example.

The game mode will care little for overall balance, instead attempting to be a true love letter to fans of the franchise. And to really drive home the nostalgia, we’ll be seeing remastered maps from old Battlefield titles, likely exclusively in Hub.

Battlefield 2042 Kaleidoscope Map
(Source: EA)

We already know all about what maps are coming to Battlefield 2042 at launch, but this news could mean that there’s still more hidden from us at this time! That’s sure to make fans who were worried about launch content happy, although more maps will drop as part of Battlefield 2042’s live service too!

We heard a very similar leak about Battlefield Hub in the past, but the leaker claims that the previous report had a few details wrong. In Battlefield Hub, all games will still run on the Battlefield 2042 engine, so gameplay will feel much the same as the base title.

Battlefield Hub Gameplay Details & More

Although some fans are unhappy with Battlefield 2042’s Specialist system, it looks like this too will be present in the Hub. This will replace the traditional class system that we’ve seen in past titles.

The new leak claims that Battlefield Hub will feature up to 128-player gameplay. However, some of the smaller maps will only be able to handle 64 players, as will Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Interestingly, it appears that both the Battlefield 2042 Hub and Hazard Zone will be available to download separately from standard Multiplayer. This will be a great space-saving option for those without too much hard drive space to spare.

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Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

Tom Henderson has a new massive leak about the free-to-play Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone too! And it’s sure to make fans that were waiting for a Battlefield 2042 battle royale reveal very happy.

Finally, the leaker reveals that new content may be coming to Battlefield 2042’s Hub after launch, through the game’s Battle Pass system and Seasons.

It’s worth pointing out that Henderson has been a bit hit and miss with Battlefield leaks in the past, but he’s still a trusted source in the game’s community. However, even Tom Henderson himself warns fans to take this new leak with a pinch of salt, as he’s not been able to verify it with some of his usual sources.

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One thing we’re very excited about in Battlefield 2042 is the ability to switch attachments mid-game, which looks incredibly innovative. Meanwhile, Battlefield 2042’s Ultimate Edition already has ‘Pay to Win’ skin concerns, even before launch!

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