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Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode Bans Are Permanent, Developer Reveals

You’ll be able to slap unruly players with a permaban in Battlefield 2042’s new Portal mode.

The hype for Battlefield 2042 may have been dipping just last week, as fans waited for new information. However, it’s anything but low right now, after the incredible announcement of the new Battlefield 2042 Portal mode!

In this incredible sandbox experience, players will be able to take elements from previous Battlefield titles and mash them together into a custom server. The rules of the server are left up to the players, and you’ll be very much in charge of creating the perfect Battlefield experience.

We even got a new leak about upcoming Battlefield Portal season content in Battlefield 2042 yesterday!

Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode
(Source: EA)

But there are always some players who dare to ruin the fun from others. And it looks as though they won’t pose much of a problem in Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 2042 Portal Servers Have Permabans – Bans Stay Forever

When you ban a player in Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode, that player stays banned – forever.

In the past, we’ve seen Battlefield custom servers working wonderfully in-game. However, we’ve never had the same level of freedom as Battlefield Portal is giving us.

And with our new freedom to create comes the ability to permaban malicious players too. According to Senior Game Designer Rob Donovan, Ripple Effect is giving players a powerful ban hammer.

During some recent playtests, EA’s trusted content creator Player Council highlighted the issue of bans to the development team.

We know that in past community games, you would ban someone, then the server goes down, and you’d have to ban them all over again,” Donovan admits. “So we were able to reconfigure our banned list to be on the player themselves. So now, if you ban someone, they’re banned.”

via The Loadout

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Battlefield 2042 Portal
(Source: EA)

This is excellent news for those content creators who are looking to build a custom server of their very own. Now, simply taking the server offline won’t be enough to clear the ban list, as was the case in previous Battlefield experiences.

Of course, server owners can also unban players from their games too – in fact, that’s the only way you’ll ever be able to have them rejoin your Portal experiences.

Recently, we heard officially whether or not you can build a battle royale in Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode! And players can already see all of the returning Battlefield Portal mode content here!

Meanwhile, fans of the franchise can play Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 for free in the lead-up to launch!

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