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Battlefield 2042 Portal Classes Leak – Bad Company 2, 1942 & Battlefield 3

A new Battlefield 2042 Portal leak has revealed all of the classes and their traits coming to the ambitious, customizable game mode.

Long-time Battlefield fans are certainly excited for all of the new content coming in 2042. However, there is another part of the game that they are looking forward to even more – Battlefield Portal.

In case you missed it, Portal will feature loads of classic Battlefield content and this includes the traditional class system.

This is music to the ears of fans who want to replace Battlefield 2042’s Specialists with classes.

Now, a trusted data miner has revealed all of the classes from the different Battlefield eras in Battlefield Portal. Plus, they have also uncovered all of the traits too!

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Battlefield Portal Maps

Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode Classes & Traits

We already know all of the classic maps coming to Battlefield Portal, however little was known about the class system returning in the mode.

Now, though, reliable leaker Temporyal has revealed all of the classes in the Battlefield 2042 Portal, along with their traits.

Additionally, this follows his leak revealing a load of game mode customization settings in Battlefield 2042 Portal.

The classes and traits in the Battlefield 2042 Portal mode are not confirmed yet, but these are the ones that Temporyal has found in the Beta files:

Battlefield 1942

  • Assault – Heightened Senses – Reveal nearby enemies on the minimap for you and your sqaud.
  • Medic -Surplus – Deploy up to 3 Medkits at a time.
  • Engineer – Minesweeper – Spot nearby enemy gadgets.
  • Scout – Counter Recon – Enemies that damage you are revealed on the minimap.
  • Anti-Tank – Resourceful – Slowly resupply launcher ammo over time.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • Assault – Grenade Vest – Increases capacity of throwable grenades by 1 and underbarrel launchers by double.
  • Medic – Medkit Improved Range – Medkit healing range is doubled.
  • Engineer – Explosives Leg Pouch – Doubles the carry capacity of all explosive gadgets apart from grenades.
  • Recon – Sniper Spotting Scope – Automatically spots enemies inside the scope view when using 5x scopes or higher.

Battlefield 3

  • Assault – Frag – Increases capacity of throwable grenades by 1 and underbarrel launchers by double.
  • Support – Sprint – Increased sprint speed.
  • Engineer – Flak – Increased resistance to explosive splash damage.
  • Recon – Ammo – Doubles carry capacity of both primary and secondary weapon ammo.

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Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode Bans Are Permanent, Developer Reveals

Which class are you looking forward to playing as most in Battlefield 2042 Portal? Let’s hope that DICE can get the balance right between the classes coming from different games!

Meanwhile, cheaters beware! Battlefield Portal will permanently ban any hackers playing the game mode. This, combined with Battlefield 2042 using the same anti-cheat system as Apex Legends will give hackers a hard time.

Also, be sure to check out Temporyal’s post below to see all of the details.

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