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Battlefield 2042 Players Want Smaller Player Count to Fix Game Issues

Battlefield 2042 is now synonymous with game issues, but will a smaller player count really be enough to fix all its issues?

Battlefield 2042 was one of the most anticipated games this year. But ever since its release, players are reporting issues with the game.

Despite DICE already finding the fix to the bizarre hit reg issues in Battlefield 2042, players are demanding a reduced player count.

But how will reducing the player count solve the ever-growing issues in Battlefield 2042?

battlefield 2042 128 players

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Battlefield 2042 Fans Want a Reduced Player Count

Battlefield 2042 players were already on the ropes with the maps being too big. And now it appears reducing the player count will solve most of the issues in the latest Battlefield.

Reddit user ‘LedFarmer_’ took to Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to urge DICE to reduce the game’s player count. The user stated various reasons to do so, with the main reason being that the developers will get more space hardware-wise.

The community was quick to chime in with their opinions. Many players simply stated their dislike towards 128 players in matches. Another user posted on the subreddit, touching the issue at hand with more details.

“Lets break it down:

CPU Problems on PC due to many players.

Choppers and vehicles are way too powerfull. (more players = more kills from the sky)

Idk if its just me, maybe you can give me some good reasons for 128 players and change my mind :)”

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battlefield 2042 players count

Currently, the game has too many issues. It is no surprise that Battlefield 2042 will receive major updates in an attempt to solve the critical issues.

Earlier this week, Battlefield 2042 players were also calling for Infantry maps’ addition to the game.

Finally, with the smaller player count, major map changes will also be required in future updates.

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Monday 6th of December 2021

No lets not lower the plate count , it's about time we get more players. If your CPU is struggling running the game upgrade or turn down settings I have everything maxed and have no issues on an older i7 7820x and niether does anyone I play with.