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Some Battlefield 2042 Players Want EA & DICE to “Scrap” the Game

A group of Battlefield 2042 players have finally lost faith in the game entirely and are calling for EA/DICE to scrap the game altogether!

Battlefield 2042 has been out for almost 2 months now, but the fan reception of the game continues to get worse. Now, it looks like the discontent could be reaching a breaking point.

Recently, fans began to worry that Battlefield 2042 would be the “death” of the series. However, with the developer working hard to improve 2042, there is still every chance the game could still be a success.

A very vocal group of fans have decided they want EA and DICE to scrap Battlefield 2042 entirely and focus on the future of the series! But is this fair?

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Battlefield 2042

Should EA & DICE to Stop Working on Battlefield 2042?

With Battlefield 2042 not in Steam’s top 100 played games, some fans don’t believe that DICE can save the game.

A new post on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit addresses the growing community sentiment that EA and DICE should “scrap” the game.

This isn’t the view of the majority of players. However, the poster gives the reasons why some fans have decided that they want this drastic course of action.

The first reason, of course, is that players are unhappy with the core gameplay. This includes the controversial decision to remove the classic Battlefield class system in favor of Specialists.

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Fans hating the maps in Battlefield 2042, is another reason – this is a complete deal-breaker for many multiplayer shooter players. Although, all of the maps can definitely be reworked to be more enjoyable.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay (2)

What’s more, many players think that the game is almost dead already as the Battlefield 2042 player count has dropped so low that lobbies are full of bots. Therefore, some members of the community think it isn’t worth DICE putting in the effort to save the game.

This is compounded by the dangerously low player counts in Battlefield Portal as well as the highly anticipated Hazard Zone game mode being dead already.

Finally, and most importantly, fans are upset that the game doesn’t feel like Battlefield. However, these just scratch the surface of the biggest problems with Battlefield 2042 at the moment.

Do you think that EA and DICE should scrap Battlefield 2042 and go back to the drawing board? We think there’s still enough potential in Battlefield 2042 to turn the game into a success, however, DICE needs to act quickly.

However, the game’s new director has warned fans that it will “take some time” to improve Battlefield 2042.

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Comments 44



Thursday 13th of January 2022

I don't trust the developers. So I've been waiting. I'm not buying any BF games until I'm sure that they worth the time and money. Right now it's looking unlikely that I will be buying BF2042.


Thursday 13th of January 2022

It's a disappointment but I still manage to enjoy myself and get moments that I have never gotten from any other game series. Some people are just toxic af and the content creators and "news" sites running with all the negativity are toxic too. If y'all really hated the game that much you'd shut the f up about it and enjoy something else.


Thursday 13th of January 2022

@TheRedEyedJedi, Thanx. Exactly my thoughts!!!

Wyatt 500

Thursday 13th of January 2022

I've been a Battlefield fan since the beginning. Always knowing it can compete with the shallow Call of Duty. But this new iteration will be the death of the Battlefield series. It's a pity to see how far the developers have fallen.

-Bring Back the real battlefield, not this hero bs.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

The number of times you typed "however" in this article tells me you don't proof read. Maybe you should scrap your career.


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Ya, I'm currently trying to get the refund as well.

It's not battlefield. Quick fix. Remake the game. Remove battlefield all together.

Then you can ignore whatever this game is.

But it is NOT battlefield..

Entire team who had anything to do with the decisions that destroyed this title. Should be fired. Instantly!

(One already bailed on the company.. sabotage.. lol )