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Battlefield 2042 Players Giving Up After Long Matchmaking Times

It appears that Battlefield 2042 players are starting to give up on the game after long matchmaking times are still an issue after Christmas.

If you were hoping for a large influx of Battlefield 2042 players after the Christmas break, it appears that was an overly-optimistic wish.

It’s fair to say that Battlefield 2042 was one of the biggest disappointments of 2021, at least where gaming is concerned. After waiting for months for any sign of gameplay, Battlefield 2042’s Beta was a disappointing mess.

Battlefield 2042

But fans kept up hope that Battlefield 2042 would be better by launch day – a dream that was relatively unfounded. And now, as we head into 2022, Battlefield 2042 players are giving up on the game completely.

And we can’t blame them, seeing as Battlefield 2042 Season 1 is still so far away!

Battlefield 2042 Players Forced to Turn On Crossplay

Battlefield 2042 players are experiencing long waiting times when attempting to load into matchmaking. The solution: turn on Crossplay.

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 players aren’t always a fan of Crossplay. And although the feature does allow players to join their friends, even on different platforms, it also has its disadvantages.

Perhaps most importantly, Battlefield 2042 had cheaters even before launch day.

And with PC players also having a range of in-game advantages, it’s no surprise to see that Battlefield 2042 players are turning off Crossplay to avoid them.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists

Now though, players are having to turn Crossplay back on just to easily find games. According to a popular new Reddit post on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, matchmaking will now take around a minute just to find a game on PS5 – with Crossplay disabled.

Turning on Crossplay is just a temporary solution for players, of course. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Battlefield 2042’s player base dropping fast.

Now, more gamers appear to be playing Battlefield 5 than Battlefield 2042! And some players even believe that Battlefield 2042 needs to go free-to-play to survive.

With some core Battlefield features still missing from Battlefield 2042, it’s clear that big changes are needed for the game to survive. But EA appears to be relatively quiet on the subject for now…

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Comments 43



Friday 31st of December 2021

I’ve played all the BF games. Although 2042 had a rough launch with some random WOKE decisions I still enjoy. I am confident it will continue to improve. Why gamers are so obsessed with the band wagon of negativity I don’t know. If it’s not fun don’t play. It’s a game.


Friday 31st of December 2021

Blah blah blah. Wine wine wine. This game has many faults and all I hear from people is me me me. I laugh Everytime I see a negative article because I know the comments are going to be full of babies...

Goro the dog

Thursday 30th of December 2021

I am so glad I have anticipated this scenario was coming and got me refund after just 30 minutes of gameplay ending in my disbelieve. If they would have grabbed BF4, adjusted graphics to nowadays standard, made couple new sensible maps, did some changes to UI and have served as a new game then it would have had largely better result then this garbage they have produced. I don't understand what do people find a fun about BF2042, it is so dull, I don't recall anything as anoyingly character and atmosphere lacking clue less clusterfuck brooken underdeveloped game in my life.

George Brown

Thursday 30th of December 2021

Really! Who releases a game and says"Nah,you don't need to talk to your squad" Never more disappointed with a purchase in my life. Battlefield in all its forms and platforms is just dead to me YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES

Corey Larkin

Thursday 30th of December 2021

Honestly Battlefield was an amazing franchise with no issues whatsoever when it was just DICE creating the game. But as soon as EA bought DICE all their games have had horrible launches and bugs same went for battlefront 1 and 2 that's bc EA doesn't care about quality just money. Sad when a once great game studio (DICE) gets bought by a major studio and gets ruined by them.