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Battlefield 2042 Players Feel “Scammed” With No Content Roadmap Yet

With still no sign of a content plan or roadmap yet, Battlefield 2042 players are beginning to lose faith in developer DICE!

Battlefield 2042’s launch was a huge disappointment for many. And, unfortunately, there are still very few signs that the game can recover so far.

Following player concerns that content updates may not even be able to save Battlefield 2042, that worry has turned into anger.

The patience has run out with many Battlefield 2042 fans who are now giving up on the game. What’s more, they are demanding that DICE releases the content roadmap for the game.

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Battlefield 2042 Players Want Season 1 & Future Content Roadmap

Despite a leak revealing the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 release date, there has been no official word from DICE about it yet.

The lack of updates has not gone down well with fans recently as their patience seems to be running out. This prompted a controversial response from the EA communications director but this seems to have made matters even worse.

Now, an extremely popular post on the Battlefield subreddit shows that players have had enough of waiting. This post claims that they feel “scammed” by Battlefield 2042 so far because of the lack of content in the game.

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“I spent $95 on this game and to say I feel scammed is an understatement.”

u/quickarm23 Reddit
Battlefield 2042

With the Battlefield Portal player counts being dangerously low and the hugely disappointing Hazard Zone game mode being a complete failure, there is little else to do in the game.

Therefore, it makes sense that players are fed up waiting for new content to come to the game.

Let’s hope that DICE reveals more information about the future content and Season 1 roadmap very soon. However, with the game’s Director saying that Battlefield 2042 improvements “will take some time” this may be wishful thinking.

As things stand, Battlefield V is now more popular than Battlefield 2042 on Steam. This is extremely concerning news for the newest entry in the series and doesn’t bode well for the game’s future.

What is possibly even more worrying for EA and DICE though is how fans have responded to this surprising news. Many players in the Battlefield community are happy that 2042 is losing players to older Battlefield games.
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