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Battlefield 2042 Players Demand Return of Vehicle Damage Indicator

Battlefield 2042 is now fully released but the game is anything but perfect. Amidst many bugs and issues, players are now demanding the return of the vehicle damage indicator in the latest Battlefield title.

The latest Battlefield title was one of the most anticipated games this year. However, it also became the game with some of the highest number of issues as well.

And the Battlefield 2042 players made sure they let the developers know of their disappointment. The game is now one of the worst-reviewed games with players leaving terrible reviews for Battlefield 2042 on Steam.

While Battlefield 2042 offers a wide variety of vehicles, the players are confused due to the very little information available upon damaging the vehicles.

battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator
battlefield 2042 vehicle hit indicator

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Battlefield 2042 Players Want Vehicle Damage Indicator

Battlefield fans ensure they don’t go unheard. The fans already urged DICE to take back control from EA and now want the vehicle hit indicator put back in Battlefield 2042.

Reddit user ‘vladikdx’ took to the Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to demand the return for the detailed vehicle hit indicator. The post quickly became a hot topic of discussion between the community, with many players suggesting further additions.

“I did enjoy also the point system for the amount of damage you did on something. On tanks and on Soldiers. I also loved to see my range when i hit a enemy around 500m+ away..”

On top of this, players were also demanding the return of the classic scoreboard missing from the latest title.

Having had enough with the tremendous amount of issues in Battlefield 2042, many players are already requesting refunds.

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