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Battlefield 2042 Players Demand Refunds After Broken Update 3

Gamers continue demanding refunds even after EA’s attempt to fix Battlefield 2042 through the latest Update 3.

Battlefield 2042 is having a rough time. This statement has been true ever since the game launched its beta.

Many gamers have been patient all along, waiting for fixes. But, a massive amount of players were not that patient.

On Steam, Battlefield 2042 has hit a new record low for its active players.

Unfortunately, after several updates, the situation does not seem to be improving much, or at least not rapidly enough.

After the latest update, Battlefield 2042 players now face even more issues which have prompted a storm of refund requests for EA.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Ballistic Shield (1)

Battlefield 2042’s Update 3 Prompts Refunds

Battlefield 2042’s Update 3 generated more issues, including the return of the Persistence Data Error, for some gamers who are now demanding refunds from EA.

After a third massive update, the immediate future of Battlefield 2042 still looks bleak. The latest update prompted the return of the Load Persistance Error.

In particular, this error does not allow gamers to join a server. Many were upset that instead of having a better experience, they were completely locked out of the game.

This error was prevalent during the first days of Battlefield 2042. Back then, gamers patiently waited for a fix.

A fix to this is already promised and in the works by DICE and EA. Although, some gamers are tired of waiting, and others worry that the game will not be fixed for a long time.

Fans Request Battlefield 2042 Refunds

After all these issues, many demanded a refund for their Battlefield 2042 purchase.

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Even after EA tried to present solutions, some players were no longer receptive to promises of improvement.

Additionally, several gamers pointed out how ‘incomplete’ the game feels in its current state. The claim of missing content has been a constant since day one.

Just after the game launched, players clamored to return features like the scoreboard. The omission of staple features in the franchise did not bode well with long-time fans of the series.

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Ultimately, many gamers found that their only solution was to ask for a refund.

Aside from the overall glitches in the game, the main complaint from many gamers is how little they have been able to play due to issues that prevent login to servers.

EA is actively working on adding content and fixing issues. Today, Battlefield 2042 accidentally received new Santa and Cowboy skins.

But, just like most EA’s recent attempts, these Specialists skins were not well received by fans.

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Comments 29



Saturday 22nd of January 2022

I have tried to get my refund since November, legally I have the right to have my refund. I contacted them the day after the release day. Still haven't got my money back. They say "the refund is under investigation"???? I did the mistake to buy the game through Origin. I will never buy a game from Origin/EA again. Fucking thieves all of them....

eliezer pacheco

Friday 14th of January 2022

they need to give people their money back

Kevin Lunsford

Saturday 8th of January 2022

Game lacks content that should have exceeded previous games yet it's as if Dice and EA have chosen to take the franchise in reverse. Game play is often glitchy, limited weapons caches such as what was available in BF4 isn't in this current game. They have attempted to pursue the specialist role which other games use. This isn't the way. Give the players/ customers what they want access to all of the weapons available in BF4 as well the expansive maps with out all the gimmicks. We as players just want a game we can enjoy and if this version cannot deliver then we can always play the latter versions that do and allow this game to fall further into irrevocable status.

Maurice Spann Jr

Friday 7th of January 2022

Hell I asked for my refund and steam basically told me to go screw myself.. I haven't touched it since the first week after launch hoping,and praying for good news, and still none getting worse it seems.

Ken b

Friday 7th of January 2022

This is the only game that I've bought where I genuinely feel scammed, this game truly sucks ass. Idk how a developer can release a game in the last 3 months that has graphics signifigantly worse than bf1