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Battlefield 2042 Players Call for Infantry Maps To Be Added

The latest Battlefield title had a rocky launch with plenty of features missing from the game. Now, players aren’t happy with the absence of infantry maps in Battlefield 2042.

After months of anticipation, some amazing trailers, and a great deal of news surrounding the game, Battlefield 2042 is finally here. However, it is fair to say that the game did not live up to the fans’ expectations.

Disappointed players made sure their feedback does not go unnoticed. With the early access launch being a total disaster, players review bombed Battlefield 2042 on Steam.

Amidst many bugs and issues, the community is currently concerned with the lack of infantry focused maps in the latest Battlefield title.

battlefield infantry maps

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Battlefield 2042 Players Request To Add Few Infantry Maps

Despite DICE already delaying the content update, Battlefield 2042 fans are now demanding infantry focused maps, with no vehicles.

Reddit user ‘dheldkdk’ took to Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to share the issues they are facing in the game. The user highlighted their frustration while trying to play “infantry only” in a map where players rack up kills with vehicle spam.

Many in the community quickly came to an agreement with the post. One such player suggested that the developers should add smaller maps into the game, keeping the same player count. Along with this, the focus should also be on the infantry aspect of the gameplay.

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battlefield 2042 infantry

This isn’t the first time players are demanding changes. Earlier this week, Battlefield 2042 players were keen on the vehicle damage indicator’s return.

Whether new maps come to the game remains to be seen, but the players have issues with the existing maps in Battlefield 2042.

Finally, Battlefield 2042 will receive two major updates to remove critical issues from the game.

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