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Battlefield 2042 Player Count Drops Below 2000 on Steam

Everything seems to be going from bad to worse for Battlefield 2042, with the game’s concurrent player count on Steam reaching a new low!

The first few months of Battlefield 2042 have been difficult for both the fans and the developer. Bugs and glitches have ruined the game for many players since day 1 and it is taking a lot of time and effort from DICE to even begin fixing them.

These issues drive players away from the game and will probably continue to do so until the major updates arrive. Plus, fans have become so upset that a Battlefield 2042 refund petition has reached over 150,000 signatures!

With an angry and inactive player base, the Battlefield 2042 servers have been full of bots recently. Somehow, the player count continues to plummet even further!

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Steam Player Count Reaches Record Low

The Steam Reviews for Battlefield 2042 have reached overwhelmingly negative and this dislike for the game is shown by the number of gamers actually booting it up!

A new post on the Battlefield subreddit highlights how low the concurrent player count for Battlefield 2042 on Steam is right now.

Yesterday, February 13, the number of concurrent Steam players for Battlefield 2042 dropped to a record low of 1,956. Even the 24-hour peak was dangerously low at just 4,285.

This is even more concerning than when the Battlefield 1 player count overtook Battlefield 2042!

While this doesn’t show the whole picture as there will be PC players who play through Origin as well as console gamers on PlayStation and Xbox, this is a shockingly low figure. 1,956 players would fill up less than 16 Battlefield 2042 lobbies!

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battlefield 2042

Unfortunately, fans abandoning the game isn’t too much of a surprise. Not only has DICE delayed Battlefield 2042 Season 1 until Summer but the developer has also pushed back the scoreboard update release date.

This, for many fans, was the last straw and they simply can’t wait any longer. With no major updates on the horizon, many players might have put down the game for good.

Hopefully, the developer can get the Battlefield 2042 player count back up with regular updates. However, it is looking like a tall order now and will take a long time to win back fans.

Even if EA promises to listen to fan feedback to improve Battlefield 2042, it could still be too late!

Even if DICE might not be able to save 2042, many gamers still have hope for the Battlefield franchise. With Battlefield 3 and 4 remakes in high demand, fans will be hoping that EA and DICE are listening.

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Monday 21st of February 2022

Yeah the game has bugs and yeah it's not "perfect" but damn is it beautiful! I think all of us knew going into this we were going to be the Beta testers and that it'd take time to iron out the bugs like say 6 months to a year! This game has a ton potential and instead of crying about what's wrong give these guys some kudos for pulling this thing off in the first place! Imagine a 128 player war game, it's unbelievable this thing even works!