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Battlefield 2042 Glitch Allows User to Play as Robot Dog

A new Battlefield 2042 glitch lets one player hop into the body of a robot dog instead of a Specialist.

Battlefield 2042 just got done with its Open Beta, and it was a rather glitchy experience. So glitchy, in fact, that one user managed to forgo the Specialist selection and instead control a robot dog on the battlefield.

It seems that Battlefield 2042 fans hate the Specialist system already.

Thankfully, it seems that all Battlefield 3 classes are playable in the Beta! Thanks to the upcoming Battlefield Portal Mode, all sorts of classes will soon be available on Day One.

Battlefield 2042

And it seems that a robot dog is already playable in-game.

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Battlefield 2042’s Ranger Robot Dogs Are Playable

It seems that the Battlefield 2042 Rangers, AKA the robot dogs that players can spawn in mid-game, will be playable in Portal mode.

If you were a Beta player, you likely spawned in one of the Battlefield 2042 Rangers for yourself. The robot dog companions can drop in to assist you at any time, and they’ll target enemies to help you out in combat.

Now, a new glitch allowed one lucky player to take control of the Ranger for themself. And it seems likely that Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode will let users play as a robot dog freely.

When YouTube user Lucapook discovered a new glitch allowing them to play as a Ranger, they did some heavy testing with the class. As it turns out, robot dog allies are completely playable, though they have no equipment besides their own gun.

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Battlefield 2042 Robot Dog

Hilariously, in the Beta, the player was completely invisible, except for their weapon. The gun itself has unlimited ammo and no overheat mechanic, however, its damage is rather poor.

It seems that the gun can be swapped out with weapons on the floor, and even picked up by other players. It’s clear that the robot dog class isn’t finished just yet, but this is a good indication that players will be able to control Rangers at launch.

Right now, a lot of Battlefield 2042 Beta players are canceling their pre-orders for a refund.

And given this new feature about Battlefield 2042’s troubled development and identity crisis, we can understand why.

Thanks to Lucapook for the following footage of the Ranger class in action!

But it’s worth looking at these new leaks for Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone before canceling that purchase.

After all, it seems that we could be getting Hazard Zone’s official reveal very soon!

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