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Battlefield 2042 New Map Exposure First Image Leaked

Battlefield 2042 will soon feature a new map, Exposure, and it appears its first image has leaked.

Battlefield 2042 was one of the most talked-about games this year. But, its gameplay and features did not live up to the fans’ expectations.

There were plenty of exciting trailers to build the hype. However, players felt it was not true to the core essence of the Battlefield franchise. As a result, Battlefield 5’s active players are increasing and set to overtake Battlefield 2042 player count.

But a lot can change in the next few months. And now the players finally have the first look at the upcoming map Exposure.

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battlefield 2042 new season 1 map exposure image

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Map Exposure Image Leaked

Earlier this week, Battlefield 2042 Season 1 release date and Exposure map details came to the surface. And now it appears the first image of the map itself has leaked.

Popular Battlefield 2042 data miner ‘temporyal‘ took to Twitter to share new details surrounding the Exposure map.

According to their tweet, Exposure is located in British Columbia, the westernmost province in Canada.

Further, the map looks wide open, with a river flowing through the yellow forest surrounding the mountains. Most players did not like this first look, as seen in the replies to a new post on Battlefield 2042’s subreddit.

“Ah this must be a throw back to others maps having no cover and you always being EXPOSURED”, said one user.

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battlefield new map leak exposure season 1 dlc

It’s not a surprise that the Battlefield fans feel this way. After the early access started, Battlefield 2042 players already thought maps were too big.

Many Battlefield 2042 players also want Infantry maps in the game. Players are getting sick of being run over by vehicles repeatedly in the 128 player maps.

Finally, it seems that Battlefield 2042’s 64 player modes have killed the 128 players all-out warfare. Who would have guessed that the players simply wanted the classic Battlefield experience!

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