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Battlefield 2042 Matchmaking Times Are Getting Insanely Long

Battlefield 2042 players are struggling even more with the extremely long matchmaking times now – it’s taking ages to find a game!

The first couple of months of Battlefield 2042 have been almost a total disaster. Loads of bugs and issues have plagued the game and it is still in a barely playable state.

These issues have severely affected the player count. Not only is the new Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone game mode “already dead”, but the highly-anticipated Battlefield Portal is also severely struggling with low player counts.

To make matters even worse, this low player count is now causing some huge matchmaking problems in Battlefield 2042 All Out Warfare too!

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Battlefield 2042

It Takes Forever to Queue Into a Battlefield 2042 Lobby

Recently, Battlefield 2042 players have been giving up after long matchmaking times. This has only gotten worse over the last few days.

A new clip on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit shows a player trying to load into Breakthrough 64 and it took an insane amount of time to get into a game. In fact, it took a whole 14 minutes to finally load into a lobby.

Unfortunately, this length of time for matchmaking in Battlefield 2042 is becoming increasingly common. And even when players do load into a match, many Battlefield 2042 servers are full of bots.

What’s more, matchmaking will only get longer as fans plan to boycott Battlefield 2042 in protest against EA.

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Battlefield 2042

To stop these lengthy matchmaking queues, developer DICE needs to get more players playing the game. As it stands, Battlefield 2042 isn’t even in the top 100 played games on Steam.

The best way to increase player counts would be to listen to the fan suggestion of making Battlefield 2042 free-to-play. However, this would be a very bold move and probably one that DICE wouldn’t want to take.

Hopefully, DICE can sort out these lengthy Battlefield 2042 matchmaking times soon. Otherwise, there might be no way to save the game.

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In other news, the game’s new director has said that Battlefield 2042 improvements will “take some time”. But does the game have any more time left before players put it down for good?

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Saturday 5th of March 2022

I have issus with using sentry gun ( explodes right afte deployment), shooting SA missiles to take down helies and planes (Will never lock on target), and after exiting a vehicle, aiming does not work. This, plus matchmaking times makes me want do stop playing this game. It is a shame, the potential is so good. To bad EA is equivalenty like Putin in the gaming world.


Sunday 16th of January 2022

Have a friend having the same issue even though crossplay is on.I find matches in a few seconds.When he joins the queue then we dont find matches.