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Battlefield 2042 Map Size Comparison – PS5 & Xbox Series X vs PS4 & Xbox One

Here is the size of the Battlefield 2042 Beta map Orbital on PS5 and Xbox Series X compared to PS4 and Xbox One. There’s a huge difference!

Battlefield 2042 is releasing on PC as well as both next-gen and last-gen consoles. However, players on different platforms will experience very different versions of the game.

Of course, the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Battlefield 2042 will look nicer, but there is one huge gameplay difference. The maps on PS5 and Xbox Series X are far larger than on PS4 and Xbox One.

But how big is the difference in Battlefield 2042 map size between the console generations?

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Map Size Comparison – How Much Bigger Are the Maps on Next-Gen?

The test run is over and DICE has revealed a load of interesting stats about the Battlefield 2042 Beta. Plus, the studio has also confirmed improvements and fixes for the launch version of Battlefield 2042.

Despite this, one of the most talked-about aspects of the beta was the map, and in particular its size.

A new post of the Battlefield 2042 subreddit shows exactly how the next-gen and last-gen versions of the Beta map Orbital stack up. And there is a huge difference between the size!

The image outlines the border of the last-gen version of the map within the whole map for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. This shows that last-gen gamers will be playing on a map that is around one-third of the size.

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This sounds bad for PS4 and Xbox One owners, but it might not be. Many players actually prefer the smaller size map as it makes for some more fast-paced gameplay.

This is even when taking into account that Battlefield 2042 matches will have fewer players on last-gen.

Therefore, even if the Battlefield 2042 maps will be smaller on last-gen, it won’t necessarily mean the game is worse. Let’s hope DICE manages to make the game run and play well on both console generations.

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In other news, Battlefield fans have a major gripe with 2042. In fact, one player has devised a great idea on how to fix Specialists in Battlefield 2042 by bringing back classes.

Although, some of the fan base doesn’t feel hopeful. Many fans want DICE to delay Battlefield 2042 again.

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