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Battlefield 2042 Outlines Map Changes Coming in Season One

Battlefield 2042’s upcoming Season One includes some considerable map changes to improve the gameplay experience overall.

It is no secret that EA and DICE have struggled to keep fans happy with Battlefield 2042. Gamers are not satisfied with the state of the game since its launch.

This dissatisfaction reflected quite clearly on the current player count of the game. A few weeks ago, Battlefield 2042 hit an all-time low on Steam with only 2000 concurrent players.

One of the most significant points of conversation about the issues in the game is map quality.

Thus far, many players have raised concerns about how much empty space there is between each point of interest in the map.

Today, EA shared how it intends to alleviate this Battlefield 2042 map concerns during Season One.

Battlefield 2042 Cover Art

EA Details Upcoming Map Changes for Battlefield 2042 Season One

In a Battlefield Core Feedback article, EA shared how it intends to tackle map structural issues in Battlefield 2042 Season One.

According to this communication, Battlefield 2042 will focus on fixing several aspects of the Kaleidoscope map on the Conquest and Breakthrough modes during Season One.

Players requested map changes right after the game was released. Finally, it seems these petitions will come to fruition.

Additionally, the developer confirmed that changes and upcoming focus for improvements would be based on players’ feedback.

EA asked for fans’ feedback and promised to listen, so these upcoming changes are undoubtedly the result of that.

These are all the aspects EA is considering for the upcoming map changes in Battlefield 2042 Season One:

  • Traversal: Reduce overall travel time between points of interest (flags, base spawn).
  • Intensity: Adjust balance between infantry and vehicles in Breakthrough to reduce how hectiv matches can get. Also consider the adjustment to 64 players only, instead of 128.
  • Line of sight: Reduce the amount of open and flat spaces on the map.
  • Paths: Adjustments to the define and make a clear path to objectives, keeping combat focused.
  • Cover: Combat lack of cover by adding cover in strategical places. The Battlefield team had already mentioned this cover changes, as it was one of the most prevalent complaints.

EA provided a few examples of how it plans to implement these factors in the Kaleidoscope map during Battlefield 2042 Season One.

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Battlefield Kaleidoscope Map Changes Battlefield 2042 Season One

Fans Reactions to Upcoming Map Changes on Battlefield 2042

Even though this post is detailed and lengthy, most players are not satisfied calling this attempt to fix the game something too late and too little.

Just a few weeks ago, a Battlefield 2042 refund petition reached a total of 150K signatures.

Some pointed out there are other pressing issues in the game, and map changes are far from fixing the game.

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Several fans expressed they do not believe DICE can save the game from its current state.

This lack of trust is certainly reflected in reactions to the upcoming map changes.

Maps changes are not immediate, and the game certainly can not afford to lose more players.

In time we will know for sure if EA and DICE manage to turn the tide with these map changes on Battlefield 2042.

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