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Battlefield 2042 Introducing New Live Service Content, Including Seasons & Battle Passes

Battlefield 2042 is set to premiere a new live service content system, including Seasons and Battle Passes.

When it comes to keeping a game’s community alive, the best thing a developer can do is offer a live service. Keeping a constant content flow gives players a reason to keep returning, as well as something to look forward to.

While DLC map packs used to be the way game developers made money post-launch, nowadays that’s a relatively outdated concept. Instead, developer teams make their money and deliver fresh content with a Battle Pass system.

We’ve already heard a little bit about Battlefield 2042’s Battle Passes, but now EA has more to say on the topic.

Battlefield 2042 Kaleidoscope Map
(Source: EA)

Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass and Season Live Service

According to a new post on the official Battlefield 2042 website, DICE and EA is implementing an incredible live service system.

On Battlefield 2042’s release date, players will be able to jump in and experience everything that the game has to offer. This includes all Specialists, weapons, and every map coming to Battlefield 2042 at launch.

EA writes:

“We’re taking a new approach to live service for a Battlefield game where players will be given the services and evolution they have come to expect from modern multiplayer games, all aimed at keeping the community playing together for years to come.”

With that in mind, the world of Battlefield 2042 will evolve throughout its Seasons, each one lasting for around 3 months. In this time, we’ll likely see the story of the 2042’s conflicts advance, as the US and Russia struggle to maintain power.

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battlefield 2042 Renewal map
(Source: EA)

Battlefield 2042 Seasons and Battle Pass Details

Each Season will come with a brand-new free and paid-for Battle Pass, EA’s website reports. As in many other games, such as Call of Duty, or Fortnite, players will likely be able to purchase a Season’s Battle Pass to unlock more content than they’d get for free.

Perhaps we’ll even see new skins for Battlefield 2042’s robot dogs drop in the first Battle Pass!

And with each Season being a significant length of time, we expect there’ll be a lot of content to unlock. After all, DICE needs to keep players busy while we wait for the next major update.

Here are all the Specialists coming to Battlefield 2042 at launch that have currently been revealed.

EA promises four Seasons of content in the first year of Battlefield 2042. What’s more, each Battle Pass will drop alongside a brand-new Specialist and other fresh content.

We already know about Battlefield 2042’s wingsuits, grappling hooks, robot dogs, and more! It’s hard to imagine what else DICE will reveal in the next few months!

Battlefield 2042 live service seasons battle pass
(Source: EA)

More details about Battlefield 2042’s first Season will drop soon, so check back for more details in the coming weeks! We’ve got the brand-new Battlefield 2042 trailer right here, in case you missed out on the action.

Want even more content? Here are some incredible new Battlefield 2042 screenshots ahead of the game’s launch!

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