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Battlefield 2042: How to Level Up Guns Fast & Unlock Attachments After Portal XP Nerf

Battlefield 2042 has a new way to level up your guns and unlock every attachment after the Portal XP nerf.

If you’re ready to try out some new weapons in Battlefield 2042, it helps to level them up first. After all, the majority of guns aren’t great without unlocking their best loadouts.

Our previous fastest way to level up weapons in Battlefield 2042 method is now out of date, as EA made heavy nerfs to Portal’s XP mode. But now that you can’t farm Portal bots for easy kills, what’s the quickest method to level up your Battlefield 2042 guns?

Fastest Way to Level Up Battlefield 2042 Weapons Without Portal

It’s worth noting that Battlefield 2042’s second major update makes more guns viable in the current meta. So when it comes to choosing your weapon, you’re no longer locked to using Battlefield 2042’s best gun.

Here’s how to level up fast and unlock all attachments for every gun in Battlefield 2042!

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Fastest Way to Level Up Battlefield 2042 Weapons Without Portal

Now that Portal Mode is out of the question, there’s a new fastest method to level up your Battlefield 2042 guns.

Sadly, Battlefield Portal no longer gives us XP for bot farming. And due to these changes, it seems that Portal Mode is already dying in Battlefield 2042!

But there’s another mode that lets you farm AI for easy XP, and that’s Solo All-Out Warfare. Here’s the fastest way to rank up your guns and unlock every attachment in Battlefield 2042:

  • Head into All-Out Warfare and select Solo. You may also want to make sure you’re running Battlefield 2042’s best settings for performance and FPS.
  • You’ll want to load into Breakthrough on Kaleidoscope, setting the AI Soldiers to Beginner level.
  • Play through the map as normal, choosing Angel as your Specialist for the loadout crates and ammo options.
  • Take an Insertion Beacon with you too, and get to the final objectives on the Kaleidoscope skyscraper rooftops.
  • Fly a plane or helicopter to the North side of the capture point and place down your Insertion Beacon for an easy respawn.
  • Now, go prone behind the large metal pipes and you’ll be safe from AI fire.
  • Here you can tear through the enemy reinforcements with a gun of your choice and level it up incredibly quickly.
  • Be mindful to let enemies respawn periodically to keep the game going, otherwise you’ll begin to take the point too soon.

Enjoy getting free kills and leveling up Battlefield 2042 guns fast!

Thanks to YouTuber SwanyPlaysGames for finding this strategy – see it in action below!

But you won’t be able to show off your prowess in Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone as the mode is already dead, according to players. With Portal not faring much better, it’s down to All-Out Warfare to keep the game afloat.

Now that a fix has been found for Battlefield 2042’s hit registration issues, the title is certainly in better shape.

But fans want this controversial change to keep Battlefield 2042 alive in the coming months. And it seems to go against everything DICE has been trying to implement.

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Saturday 15th of January 2022

How did you manage to get the AIs to go to the rooftop? They keep staying down in the lobby for me. Still getting a TON of gun upgrades. Thanks for the info!


Sunday 28th of November 2021

Thanks so much. I have really been struggling to bond with this game as levelling up guns was so painful. While I’ve not managed to get behind the pipes and don’t have the respawn beacon yet, I am getting great kills and have made more progress in the last hour than the last two weeks.