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Battlefield 2042 Leak Teases Specialists Rework & Classes Returning

A new leak has revealed that a future update for Battlefield 2042 could include a rework for Specialists and maybe even the return of Classes!

Battlefield 2042’s launch was nothing short of a disaster. However, DICE has been working hard to listen to fan feedback and improve the game with a number of updates.

One of the biggest complaints about Battlefield 2042 was Specialists replacing the classic class system. In fact, many players demand that DICE entirely removes Specialists from Battlefield 2042.

Luckily, it looks like the developer has been listening to fan feedback and might be considering a rework of Specialists.

Not only has a new leak revealed hints that this is the case, but there’s also a chance that classes could be making a triumphant comeback as well!

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Battlefield 2042 Datamine Hints at Specialists Rework & Classes Returning

Although DICE has said that it will never remove Specialists from Battlefield 2042, the developer could make some major changes to how they work!

Dataminer Temporyal has been through the Battlefield 2042 4.0 update that made over 400 changes to the game and made some interesting discoveries within the game’s files.

Within the files, they found references to ‘Class Selection, ‘Progress’, ‘Level’, and a brand-new in-game class description for ‘Combat Medics’.

This has led Temporyal to believe that a reword for specialists in a future Battlefield 2042 update is possible. Plus, the new description for Combat Medics also raises the possibility of classes returning!

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Unfortunately, this is all of the information that has been found on the matter so far. However, this, alongside the claim that “almost everyone” at DICE is still working on Battlefield 2042 gives players some hope that the changes they want are in development.

In fact, fans have already had a genius idea to fix Specialists and bring back classes in Battlefield 2042.

Let’s hope to hear official word from DICE about the possibility of a Specialists rework and the return of classes in Battlefield 2042 soon. If we are lucky, it could arrive in the upcoming Battlefield 2042 Season 1 update!

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