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Battlefield 2042 Leak Reveals Game Mode With Classic Maps & More

The Battlefield 2042 leaks keep getting more and more exciting!

Battlefield 2042 is the most anticipated game in the world right now. It is the game that everyone can’t stop talking about and it promises to take the Battlefield series to the next level.

Watch the jaw-dropping Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer if you haven’t already!

However, even if Battlefield 2042 might be set in the near future, a new leak claims that it will very much embrace the series’ past too. Long-time Battlefield fans will absolutely love this!

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Game Mode Leak

EA revealed a lot about the new Battlefield immediately after the trailer dropped. This includes the official Battlefield 2042 release date as well as the first look at all of the maps in Battlefield 2042 at launch.

While EA confirmed some of the game modes that will be returning in Battlefield 2042, the website has one mode which is labeled ‘REDACTED’. However, a reliable videogames insider has revealed that it is called ‘Battlefield Hub’.

But what does this leak tell us about the new game mode for Battlefield 2042?

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battlefield 2042 Renewal map

What is Battlefield Hub?

According to Tom Henderson, Battlefield Hub will be a game mode that classic fans love. This leak is not confirmed but Henderson has been a reliable source for Battlefield 2042 information in the past.

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It will apparently contain classic maps, weapons, vehicles, and more from past games in the Battlefield series. Although don’t expect a return for the class system as Battlefield 2042 has replaced it with unique Specialists.

What classic Battlefield content it will contain exactly is still unknown at the moment, but Henderson claims to have received an email with images of the mode in it. Hopefully, he will leak more information about this potential new Battlefield 2042 game mode soon.

What classic Battlefield maps and weapons would like to see return in Battlefield 2042? Let’s hope we get more information about this mysterious mode at the EA Play conference in July.

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All of these Battlefield 2042 leaks are getting players even more excited to finally play the game. Find out how to get access to the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.

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