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Battlefield 2042 Leak Suggests the Franchise Is Heading to the Future

A new Battlefield leak suggests that the game series could be heading to 2042 in an upcoming installment.

Battlefield is back, with a new title on the way. According to EA, the upcoming Battlefield game will be coming in 2021, but we know little more about the title just yet.

However, an intriguing new YouTube channel may just have the answers to fans’ burning questions. And some viewers believe that the mysterious ARG within is teasing the release of Battlefield 2042.

battlefield 6 2042 leak
(Source: EA)

This comes after the channel teased the Battlefield 6 reveal date as being only weeks away.

Could Battlefield 6 Be Set in 2042?

Thanks to the channel’s strange new leaks, viewers believe that Battlefield 6 may in fact be Battlefield 2042.

This would be a confusing new name for the title, following Battlefield 5, but given that the title beforehand was named Battlefield 1, it’s not unprecedented.

What’s more, this game would be set to take place exactly 100 years after the first entry in the series: Battlefield 1942. It would also take place 100 years prior to Battlefield 2141, which released between Battlefield 2 and Bad Company.

battlefield 2042 reveal
(Source: EA)

The very first upload on the mysterious Battlefield channel was uploaded on the 15th December 2020. In the video, a large countdown appears, which ends on October 25, 2042.

In the video’s description, Morse code spells out the following message: “THE MAGIC THAT WON THE WAR BRINGS YOU HERE THE MISSING KEY TAKES YOU TO THE FUTURE”

Some of the channel’s videos have locations tagged alongside the upload. The most recent release has a Los Angeles tag, which is an interesting addition in itself.

It’s worth noting that EA DICE Los Angeles recently confirmed it is working on a new Battlefield title. This could be a completely separate game to Battlefield 6, or it could be that Battlefield 2042 is indeed the upcoming modern-day title.

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Other videos have tags with areas such as Warsaw and Kazakhstan however. So if there are any hints to be found here, we certainly aren’t sure what they are.

Keeping in mind our recent major Battlefield 6 leak, a lot of this information does seem to check out.

Thankfully, it won’t be long until we know Battlefield 6’s release date and see its new trailer.

And with Warzone possibly getting rid of Verdansk in Season 2, there’s never been a better time to announce a new FPS.

After all, player sentiment with the Call of Duty franchise is at an all-time low.

As of right now, we don’t know for sure that this new channel is legitimate. However, if it is, Battlefield fans should buckle up for a fantastic year of gaming.

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