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Battlefield 2042 – Ji-Soo Paik Specialist Gadget & Trait Gives Overpowered Wallhacks

Battlefield 2042 has just given us our first look at the remaining five specialists coming at launch, however, one in particular, Ji-Soo Paik, already looks to be extremely overpowered.

Thanks to a brand-new gameplay trailer released only today, we are now starting to see the remainder of the Specialists coming to Battlefield 2042 at launch.

Although we reported on this at the beginning of September, it looks like we finally have some additional Specialists coming to the game.

Although, the whole Specialists system hasn’t gone down so well with fans thus far. In fact, fans hate the Battlefield 2042 Specialists system and desperately want a return to the classic formula.

There are even some disgruntled players who have come up with a clever way to fix the Specialists issue, by bringing back this feature.

It seems DICE is intent on implementing controversial design choices with Battlefield 2042. However, after today’s announcement, it looks like they may have gone too far.

(Source: EA DICE)

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The South Korean Specialist, Ji-Soo Paik, looks to have an extremely overpowered gadget, enabling her to quite literally use wallhacks!

Battlefield 2042 – Is Ji-Soo Paik Broken?

After the latest reveal of five new Battlefield 2042 Specialists, concerns are already growing regarding Ji-Soo Paik, the South Korean Recon Specialist.

Wallhacks and First Person Shooters, can you name a more frustrating combination? Well, if you were already concerned about the current state of Battlefield 2042, now there’s even more cause for concern.

Ji-Soo Paik is one of five new Specialists coming at launch. Paik’s gadget and trait are specifically designed to help spot and uncover enemies, and they work as follows:

  • Gadget – EMG-X Scanner: Displays an electromagnetic overlay of hostiles in cover.
  • Trait – Threat Perception: Automatically spot enemies who deal damage to you.
Ji-Soo Paik Specialist
(Source: EA DICE)

Considering how these abilities work, players will have no trouble if they know exactly where the enemy is at the push of a button.

Similarly, Paik’s Trait ‘Threat Perception’ also reveals exactly where the player is being shot from. This effectively means that players can duck into cover, and then pop out for an easy kill.

Of course, Paik’s EMG-X Scanner looks to only work at a certain range. Nevertheless, teamwork is at an all-time low in Battlefield 2042, and surely this will only make matters worse.

Additionally, fans already have a huge problem with the number of Specialist clones running around. The issues are so numerous in Battlefield 2042 that fans are even calling for another delay.

Despite this, players can always opt for the recently revealed Hazard Zone instead. This definitely seems like a more fitting mode for the Specialists.

(Source: YouTube)

And of course, if you fancy making your own Battlefield experience, there’s plenty of fine-tuning to be done in Battlefield Portal.

Although, DICE has promised that there are some confirmed improvements coming to Battlefield 2042’s Launch Build.

Finally, if you’re simply unimpressed with Battlefield 2042 thus far, here’s how to cancel your pre-order and get a full refund.

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