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Battlefield 2042 Is Banning Players for This Weird Reason

‘False-positive’ bans are just the latest issue affecting Battlefield 2042.

EA’s Battlefield 2042 seems to be going from bad to worse with a player base dropping so low that you’re more likely to get in a game with bots than fellow players.

And that’s if the bots can even be bothered to show up.

And now it appears that Battlefield 2042’s anti-cheat is seeking to reduce the player base even more with a raft of players reporting they have been handed ‘false-positive’ bans.

Some for using software that likely sits on your own PC.

Battlefield 2042 Anti-Cheat Is Reportedly Banning Players for Using Logitech G Hub

DICE’s latest entry to the BF2042 franchise has provided nothing but bad news since its launch last November.

From a lack of core features to a development team seemingly out-of-touch with its community, even those that have stuck with the game (and there aren’t many) are now being punished.

That’s because there has been a spate of ‘false-positive’ anti-cheat bans. It’s an issue that’s been happening since launch.

However, a recent investigation by industry insider, Tom Henderson, has shed new light on the problem, and he claims EA’s Support is doing little about it.

Industry Insider Investigates

In a series of tweets, Tom claims that over 100 people have reached out to him over their ‘false-positive bans’.

In the case of gaming, false-positive meaning when a program or action convinces an anti-cheat program – in this case, BF2042’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) – that cheats are being used.

Tom’s investigation settled on three potential actions that could have got players banned; using software that controlled RGB lighting such as Corsair’s ICUE and Logitech G Hub, overclocking utility MSI Afterburner, or farming in-game XP in the Portal game mode.

Tom reports that from those banned; 90% used RGB Software, 48% overclocking and 40% partook in XP farming.

Battlefield 2042 false bans

Bans for XP farming in the Portal game mode also seem grossly unfair. The developers have admitted themselves how badly they have messed up the progression here.

EA Put Their Head in the Sand

Such ‘false-positive’ bans are hardly a new thing in gaming. But as the old adage goes… it’s not the crime it’s the cover-up.

And the recent closing of a 164-page thread on the official BF2042 forum has added further salt to the wounds of players trying to get their accounts back.

The thread, which was started back in November, has the stories of hundreds of players who believe themselves to be ‘false-banned’. Reaching out to EA seems to reward them with nothing more than ‘copy and paste’ responses.

One South African player even accuses EA of only caring if you are from a bigger market:

Investigator, Tom, agrees on that point branding EA Support as “useless”.

So, what can players do if they are false-banned? It appears, at the moment, very little.

Successful in getting your ban overturned by EA Support? Unless improvements are made to EAC, it would only be a matter of time until it happened again.

And you have to wonder if that will happen. It isn’t like the developers don’t have a lot on their plates. You can’t even play all the maps on last-gen consoles.

Battlefield 2042 is a mess, which even the game’s chief architects admit will take “months” to fix.

And with core features still weeks away, you have to wonder how Battlefield 2042 ever made to player’s hard drives.

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Comments 2



Tuesday 7th of June 2022

Yup - Banned here for RGB also - EA just send generic response of "Weve investigated and you're wrong" basically... Ask them to check again and its another copy/paste job.

Absolutely useless company now... RIP DICE.

No Respawn

Saturday 29th of January 2022

You reap what you sow. EA stopped caring years ago when profits overtook customer and community. You made your own bed EA…