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Battlefield 2042 Invisibility Glitch Stops Enemies From Seeing You

Battlefield 2042 players have found a crazy new invisibility glitch that stops your enemies from seeing you!

Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 has been grabbing headlines for its glitches and problems so far and players have now found yet another one.

Even if DICE has delayed the Battlefield 2042 content update to fix bugs, there are still many in the game right now. And it looks like one of them is causing players to become completely invisible.

But how does this invisibility glitch work in Battlefield 2042?

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Glitch Makes Players Invisible

Fans of the series have been requesting refunds following Battlefield 2042’s broken launch. However, players seem to be uncovering even more bugs every day.

The latest bug that YouTuber Stodeh has found in Battlefield 2042 is an invisibility glitch. And it makes any lucky players who get it almost unstoppable.

A recent video on Stodeh’s clips channel shows him becoming invisible in Battlefield 2042. This is even more game-breaking than the Dozer shield teleport glitch.

Initially, Stodeh didn’t realize that he was invisible. However, once more and more enemies walked past him like he wasn’t even there he understood the situation.

Being invisible lets you kill enemies without them even knowing where you are, so this could be totally game-breaking if players find out how to do this.

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battlefield 2042

Luckily, there is no known way to activate the invisibility glitch in Battlefield 2042 so players can’t recreate this. However, this is still a major problem that can ruin matches and needs fixing very soon.

Don’t expect this invisibility glitch to say in the game for too long though – DICE will be releasing two major updates to fix critical Battlefield 2042 issues.

However, fans also want DICE to make some major Battlefield 2042 map changes in future updates too. The developer has a lot to do in the coming weeks and months!


Meanwhile, Battlefield fans have urged DICE to take back control from EA. Would the game have been rushed out if the decision was completely up to DICE?

Finally, one of the most controversial issues in Battlefield 2042 was to do with bullet spread and hit detection. JackFrags’ latest video clearly demonstrates how broken the hit reg in Battlefield 2042 was before the new update.

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Thursday 2nd of December 2021

No, it's the other way around. I can't see enemy players half the time, much less hear them when they're close. Not to mention the horrible map designs for BF2042. There is literally miles of open space with no cover on every map in BF2042. It's horrible.