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Battlefield 2042 Invisibility Glitch Fix Coming in Update 3.1

A fix for the notorious Battlefield 2042 invisibility glitch is coming in the game’s next update (ver. 3.1).

Lately, Battlefield 2042 hasn’t been having the smoothest launch period. Already, fans are showing their disappointment in DICE’s latest title, and it’s not just performance issues dragging the game down.

In the last few days, a Santa Claus skin leaked for Battlefield 2042 and players lost their minds. Now DICE is confirming that Santa Claus will not be coming to town this year, at least not the way we thought.

On top of that, several game-breaking bugs have been plaguing the title since the last major update.

Battlefield 2042

Thankfully, new fixes have been found for both the broken mouse bug, and the Battlefield 2042 missing loadouts issue.

But there’s one fix that’s not quite as simple to implement.

Battlefield 2042 Invisible Glitch Fix Is Coming

It seems the infamous Battlefield 2042 invisibility glitch is finally getting a fix in the game’s next update.

In case you hadn’t come across it, this new Battlefield 2042 invisibility glitch is ruining games. For the last week or so, players have been able to become completely invisible in-game, which is quite the tactical advantage.

But today, after yet another post about the bug, DICE is responding to the issue.

According to a post from Community manager T0TALfps on Reddit:

“This should be fixed once we deploy our next update, Update 3.1”

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Battlefield 2042

It’s good to know that the development team is aware of the issue and has a fix ready to go live. However, it may be a case of too little too late as Battlefield 2042’s player count just hit a new low.

What’s more, many Battlefield 2042 players are actually demanding refunds after the broken update 3 that just went live.

It’s clear that the biggest issues with Battlefield 2042 still need addressing. But at least the game is steadily becoming more playable as time goes on.

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