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Battlefield 2042 Hovercrafts Can Drive Up Walls and It’s Hilarious

As it turns out, Battlefield 2042 hovercrafts can do more than just drift across the ground. They can also give Spider-Man a run for his money.

If you’re playing Battlefield 2042 on launch day, there are a few things you can take advantage of while they’re still in the game. Every time a new Battlefield title releases, it’s known to be a relatively buggy experience, after all.

So why not take advantage of the chaos and drive your hovercraft up a wall? Or alternatively, why don’t you abuse this method to level up Battlefield 2042 weapons and unlock attachments fast?

Battlefield 2042

After all, both features will likely be taken out of the game very soon. And we’re hoping that DICE has a few fixes for Battlefield 2042’s terrible audio problem too!

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Battlefield 2042 Hovercrafts Fly and Drive Up Walls

It seems that Battlefield 2042’s hovercrafts can not only soar through the air, they can also drive up walls!

When we were looking at the full list of vehicles in Battlefield 2042, the hovercraft stands out as one of the more ‘futuristic’ military vehicles. But little did we know just how futuristic the tech in these hovercrafts would be.

It seems that the vehicles aren’t affected by the laws of physics quite as much as some of the other objects in the game. And if you angle it just right, the hovercraft can drive up basically any wall in Battlefield 2042.

In the clip below, one hovercraft driver even manages to drive up the rocket on Orbital!

Battlefield 2042 Orbital

And in some more footage from Reddit user ztsnyder, we discover that you can launch yourself through the air or even from wall to wall using nothing but the gravity-defying vehicle.

It’s definitely fun to see what people do on the launch day of a new Battlefield 2042. But it’s not so fun to learn that there’s an XP bug giving Battlefield players no progression too!

On top of that, it seems that Battlefield 2042 has a low FPS issue on all platforms, particularly PC.

But you can fix things somewhat by using Battlefield 2042’s best settings for FPS and performance.

Before DICE patches the game, be sure to unlock the incredible Tier 1 weapon camo for all Battlefield 2042 guns and show off your progress!

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