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Battlefield 2042 Hit Registration Issues Fix Found

There’s no doubt that Battlefield 2042 players are experiencing hit registration issues since launch. But a fix has been finally found!

The latest Battlefield title is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Players are constantly reporting new glitches and bugs in the game.

Despite DICE delaying the content update to fix these bugs, players keep piling up new issues in Battlefield 2042.

However, it looks like the hit registration issues in Battlefield 2042 might receive a fixed sooner than expected. 

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battlefield 2042 hit registration issues

Battlefield 2042 Hit Registration Issues Have a Fix, Claims Dice Lead Game Designer

Recently, popular YouTuber Jackfrags proved in a video that Battlefield 2042 has hit registration issues. And it looks like the video helped DICE already come up with a fix for the issue at hand.

Reddit user ‘ErosHD’ took to Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to share the news. DICE’s Lead Game Designer – DRUNKKZ3 replied to the video posted by JackFrags on Twitter.

DRUNKKZ3 thanked the Youtuber for bringing this to their attention and after a few hours claimed that the team has already found a fix to the hit registration issues.

Many in the community, instead of being excited, stated “Customers shouldn’t be testers”. However, this proves that DICE is actively trying to better their game and constructive criticism will not go unnoticed.

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battlefield hit registration

Earlier this week, players also uncovered a bizarre invisibility glitch that stops enemies from seeing you in Battlefield 2042.

To top that, DICE was also very quick to act on this serious issue in Battlefield 2042.

Finally, fans believe that if DICE had more authority, Battlefield 2042 would not have been rushed. And are now urging DICE to take back control from EA.

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