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Does Battlefield 2042 Contain Hidden AI Bots Disguised as Players?

Battlefield 2042 players are debating whether or not servers contain hidden AI bots which are pretending to be players.

It’s fair to say that Battlefield 2042 got off to a rough start. EA’s shooter was all set to be one of the biggest launches of 2021, before it launched to underwhelming reception.

After around 6 months on the market, the title has now received over 100,000 Mostly Negative reviews on Steam. What’s more, despite DICE claiming that ‘almost everyone’ is still working on Battlefield 2042, the Season 1 update still isn’t in sight

Battlefield 2042 Boris

It’s not all bad news though, as the developer did manage to put out an excellent Update 4.0 patch with lots of popular tweaks. But for many users, the game is a lost cause, at least for now.

Recently, those who are still playing began arguing about secret AI bots in their Battlefield 2042 games. Are there actually even fewer players than we think still active on 2042 servers? Here’s what we know.

Battlefield 2042 Fans Can’t Decide Whether AI Bots Are Pretending to be Players

Right now, Battlefield 2042 matchmaking will often pair you up with bots, computer-controlled soldiers who have an [AI] tag next to their name. But some fans believe that even some of the ‘real’ players are actually also bots in-game.

Reddit user npatelli writes that they’re ‘100% convinced’ that their lobbies are filled with bots pretending to be genuine players.

“I’ve seen “players” running in circles, watching enemies walk in front of them without any reaction (even follow the enemy visually)…” the user states. “But the worst I’ve seen: about half the team standing still around the enemy objective without arming it. Just looking at it and not moving for a few seconds until the enemies went back and killed them.”

Battlefield players not attempting the objective is nothing new, and we wouldn’t take this statement as definitive proof. However, a number of other users appear to be reporting similar examples of ‘bot behavior’ in their games.

That said, it seems like the Battlefield 2042 subreddit is split on whether this conspiracy theory is legitimate or not.

Battlefield 2042

How to Check if a Battlefield 2042 Player Is AI or Real

Players can check another user’s profile by hitting pause, selecting Squad and Players, Select Player, and View Profile. This should be enough to exonerate the majority of users who are displaying bot-like behavior.

Several commenters describe community members who believe the secret bot theory as having ‘lost the plot’. It’s perhaps important to note that the vast majority of the game’s subreddit is no longer playing Battlefield 2042.

After all, the game’s player base dipped below 1000 on Steam for the first time recently. Following the game’s 4.0 update, those numbers have since risen considerably, to 3-4k concurrent players.

However, how many of them will stick around until Hale, the next Battlefield Specialist, arrives, remains to be seen. And whether or not the development team is using fake bots to make the game feel more alive, we can’t say for sure.

But at least DICE is listening to its community again. A new leak actually teases a Specialist rework and the return of Battlefield Classes, something that would prove very popular, if true!

Right now, as disappointing as the feature is, the developers are confirming that Specialists will not be removed from Battlefield 2042.

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