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Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Leak – Maps, Raid Mode, Gameplay & More

A new leak has uncovered potential details for Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042, including maps, raid mode, gameplay & more.

It’s almost time for the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta, and whilst we already have some early gameplay opinions, fans are raring to jump into the action.

Although, many are already reporting difficulties with preloading the Battlefield 2042 Beta. If you’re amongst those people, here is how to preload the Battlefield 2042 Beta on Origin.

Worryingly, there are even reports that the Battlefield 2042 Beta Anti-Cheat has already been compromised by hackers and cheaters.

Despite these problems, there is still much to come for Battlefield 2042 fans. In fact, one Battlefield 2042 game mode that as of yet has not been revealed is Hazard Zone.

Whilst we are expecting to get an official Hazard Zone reveal on this date, new datamined information from the Beta may have already uncovered a ton of details.

Battlefield 2042 Beta File Size - PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & PC
(Source: EA DICE)

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Leak

According to a credible source, Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode will feature a variety of different maps, in two different sizes.


Thanks to the Battlefield 2042 Beta Pre-load, we now have access to more information through data mining. Whilst it’s not always the most accurate method of uncovering data, it can often still give us a glimpse into the game’s design.

It appears that Hazard Zone will not have its own unique map, and will instead play out on existing Battlefield 2042 maps.

Descriptions for Hazard Zone were discovered which stated the following:

  • “Playing Hazard Zone on Discarded”
  • “Playing Hazard Zone on Orbital”

Therefore, this suggests that Hazard Zone will be a selectable mode, perhaps with selectable maps. And there are going to be a lot of maps coming on Battlefield 2042 launch day.

Battlefield 2042 Kaleidoscope Map
(Source: EA DICE)

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Map Size

Alongside this, Tom Henderson on Twitter claims that Hazard Zone will have two different map sizes

  • Hazard Zone Large
  • Hazard Zone Small

However, it’s unclear what this could mean. For example, this could infer that players can choose larger or smaller maps.

Alternatively, however, Henderson claims that “Hazard Zone Small” in Battlefield 2042, could in fact refer to last-gen console playability.

(Source: EA DICE)

Hazard Zone Gameplay

Similarly, we also have new information regarding the gameplay for Hazard Zone. The mode itself is described as a “squad driven raid mode”.

Again, this could mean a variety of different things. However, most likely it sounds like Hazard Zone will feature an extraction system, similar to Escape From Tarkov.

Here is a description of three different achievements which could be present in Battlefield 2042:

Successfully extract with 50 Data Drives in Hazard Zone – Successfully extract 25 times in Hazard Zone – Successfully extract in Hazard Zone without anyone in the squad having died


As you can see, it looks like players will be tasked with retrieving and extracting “Data Drives” as part of a squad.

Similarly, it looks like players will have to work together and make sure they make it out alive, increasing the risk versus reward gameplay factor.

New Specialist – Hale

Amongst all of the new data, we also have mention of a new Specialist coming to Battlefield 2042. Whilst we don’t have any information apart from a name, it’s likely ‘Hale’ will be the next Specialist addition.

(Source: Twitter)

Although, thanks to another leak we may already know all Battlefield 2042 Specialists coming to the game already…

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