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Battlefield 2042 Full Weapon List Leaks, Only 4 Assault Rifles at Launch

We’ve got a full list of all the Battlefield 2042 weapons coming on launch day, but the assault rifle roster is disappointing fans.

We’re only a week away from the Battlefield 2042 launch, which means only one thing – leaks are coming. Now that the game is available to -pre-load on some devices, we’re certain dataminers are about to have a field day.

But learning a few details about the game certainly pales in comparison to this gamer who was let into Battlefield 2042 early after pre-loading!

Battlefield 2042

And thanks to Reddit user Aaronfrogger, we have some more details to reveal, including the entire Battlefield 2042 weapon list.

If you’re wanting to try out getting access yourself, here’s how to pre-load Battlefield 2042 on all consoles and PC.

Battlefield 2042 Full Weapon Roster

After getting early access to the game before launch, one leaker reveals the Battlefield 2042 weapon list.

It seems that All Out Warfare may be a tad more limited than fans were expecting. According to a new screenshot from an early player, there are just 22 guns in Battlefield 2042’s primary game mode.

Included in that number, there are only 4 assault rifles, a number that seems relatively small. And it appears that there are only 2 LMGs for fans of heavy-duty weaponry.

Battlefield 2042 is a huge new project for the team at DICE, with 3 massive game modes to explore. But it appears that the 2042 weapon list is a little lacking at launch.

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Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA DICE)

It’s worth noting that previous datamines indicate that this isn’t all the roster has to offer. However, it’s possible that DICE is saving them to release post-launch.

Thankfully, there will be new guns added with every Battlefield 2042 season, meaning that we won’t be playing with a limited roster for long!

On top of that, this Battlefield Portal trailer shows off some incredible gameplay of older weapons which are also in the title. After all, the sandbox mode brings back hordes of iconic weapons from past Battlefield experiences!

We’re sure many fans are disappointed with the Battlefield 2042 weapon roster right now, but we wouldn’t be too worried! Unfortunately, there is some disappointing news about Battlefield 2042 on next-gen consoles.

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Saturday 6th of November 2021

That's not unusual, every Battlefield version has a progression element for new weapon unlocks

Saturday 6th of November 2021

Who cares, at least there's a genderfluid opereter now. Guns are not the main priority on BF, but their pronouns are.

Sunday 7th of November 2021

Is this true about the gender stuff?

Sunday 7th of November 2021

(Facepalm) lol

Saturday 6th of November 2021