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Battlefield 2042 Fans Concerned F2P Will Lead to More Microtransactions

Rumors that Battlefield 2042 could go free-to-play haven’t gone done well with those that have already purchased the game.

In many respects, Battlefield 2042 has been a disaster. It launched with game-breaking – and sometimes hilarious – bugs, lackluster maps, and devoid of – for lack of a better word – heart.

From broken game modes and maps being ripped from the game to a lack of core features. The result is a declining player base that has seen both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V surpass its player count on Steam.

Now, the news that EA is mulling over making the game free-to-play has caused yet more anguish for diehards with many worried that aggressive microtransactions will be on the cards too.

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Battlefield 2042 Going Free to Play Could Leave ‘Old’ Players Out of Pocket

Reaction to the news that EA is considering making BF2042 free-to-play has been decidedly mixed.

Those that haven’t forked out for the title but would consider ‘giving it a go’ welcomed the news.

However, those that purchased the ‘AAA’ game late last year are rightly annoyed.

Imagine; you’ve just spent $60 on BF2042, the game is nowhere near the standard expected, and four months later it’s now free?

Battlefield 2042 f2p free-to-play microtransactions

And the bad news doesn’t stop there. Because, as many players have realized, EA isn’t making BF2042 free out of the kindness of their hearts.

“Free to play? They want to squeeze the last penny out of microtransactions.” Was the title of one post on the BF2042 subreddit.

At the time of writing the thread 1750 upvotes, so hardly a marginal view. An attached image puts salt into the wound, it reads:

I think EA forgot that player numbers are low because the game is bad and not because there is no interest in Battlefield games.

Disgruntled Battlefield fan

Almost all of the comments agreed with the poster, with many searching for the funny side.

“‘Folks that paid money for our game hate it and aren’t playing,'” wrote one player speaking on behalf of EA. “‘We’ll make it free, that’ll bring them back!'”

What Will Happen if BF2042 Goes F2P?

One reply laid out a potentially prophetic roadmap for BF2042 if it goes F2P.

After going F2P, more cosmetics will follow in a money “grab” suggested the player. Then, after a few months, they will “Anthem” the game, a reference to EA/BioWare’s mothballed third-person shooter.

“(By the way) that’s the moment when the scoreboard will enter its final stage.”

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Players are right to be worried. EA are arguably the masters of price-gouging monetization in ‘AAA’ games.

Their soccer franchise, FIFA, has a card pack system that has authorities around the world looking into it. It’s been likened to a “casino for kids”.

Also, EA and Battlefield developers, DICE, were behind the Star Wars: Battlefront loot-box fiasco which featured monetization so egregious it became a lightning rod for similar criticism across the gaming industry.

What’s clear, is if Battlefield 2042 goes free-to-play, it won’t be for the benefit of the game’s core fans, many of who are already questioning whether BF2042 signals the “death” of the franchise.

But that’s for about free-to-play, but what is happening with the game? DICE is hard at work and promises that voice chat is in the works.

Also, the most recent update did improve the scoreboard situation with more to come.

But will it stem the avalanche of negative reviews… time will tell.

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Saturday 5th of February 2022

The game has a lot of potential, to bad they rushed it and put out a half finished game. Just for a money grab . They should issue out Refunds to people who paid for the game if it foes Free to Play !!