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All Battlefield 2042 Specialists Revealed In Major Leak

In a new leak, the names and abilities of five new Specialists coming to Battlefield 2042 may have been revealed to players.

Recently, Battlefield 2042 has been the talk of the town. It’s safe to say that gamers all around the world are eager to jump into the next Battlefield installment.

battlefield 1 and 5 for free before battlefield 2042 launch
(Source: EA DICE)

Whilst we may already know exactly when the Battlefield 2042 Beta release date is, there is still more information to be uncovered in the run-up to the game’s launch.

Although brand-new Battlefield 2042 gameplay for Specialists: Falck, Mackay, Boris & Caspar was recently shown off, we now have even more information on other Specialists that have yet to be officially revealed.

New Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Specialists in Action
(Source: EA DICE)

Now, a new leak from a reliable Battlefield source has uncovered not just the specialist names, but some of their rumored abilities too.

But first, for a full run-down of all Battlefield 2042 Specialists explained, check out our handy guide to picking the right character for you.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists:

Tom Henderson, a source who has been heavily involved in Battlefield 2042 since before the game was even officially announced, is once again sharing new information.

Interestingly, Henderson’s most recent insight concerns the names of five new specialists. Furthermore, in a recent tweet, Henderson even managed to disclose new Specialist abilities and gadgets.

However, another recent leak has revealed all of the Specialist gadgets coming to Battlefield 2042. Despite this, there appear to be some new and extremely powerful gadgets in the latest leak too.

How To Watch Battlefield 2042 'Exodus' Short Film
(Source: DICE EA)

In Henderson’s most recent tweet, he has given the names of five currently redacted Specialists. Take a look at the list below:

  • Sundance
  • Ji-Soo Paik
  • Constantin Anghel
  • Navin Rao
  • Espinoza

Whilst the names themselves don’t give us a lot to go off, apart from perhaps the nationality of the new Specialists, Henderson has also revealed what their gadgets could be.

In a follow-up tweet, Henderson states the following regarding Ji-Soo Paik’s rumored abilities:

Ji-Soo has some weird ability to see things through walls. I’m not sure if it’s players or equipment like Engineer from Call of Duty or not.



Interestingly, it appears that Ji-Soo, a likely Korean Specialist, will have the ability to see things through walls. Although, Henderson does state that he is unsure whether this applies to enemies, or simply to other gadgets. However, if Ji-Soo can detect enemies through walls, this would make him an extremely powerful Specialist.

Although, perhaps many Battlefield 2042 players will be able to do this anyway, with a Battlefield 2042 cheat provider getting a huge boost in traffic before the Beta.

Battlefield 2042 - All Specialist Gadgets Leaked
(Source: DICE EA)


Similarly, more details for other Specialists were also revealed in the latest leak. It appears that Navin will have an ability that allows him to hack hostile equipment.


Alongside this, Sundance will be the operator sporting the iconic Wingsuit from the official Battlefield 2042 trailer. This will allow him to take advantage of the destruction caused by tornadoes and other environmental hazards.

(Source: DICE EA)


Finally, Espinoza will be a Specialist equipped with a riot shield, perhaps this will be a good pick for players who like to get up close and personal.

Constantin Anghel

Interestingly, it appears that the only Specialist we don’t yet know about is Constantin Anghel. It remains to be seen exactly what Anghel will bring to the table, but from the sound of it, we would expect some sort of defensive ability.

If you haven’t done so already, here is how to get access to the Battlefield 2042 Beta.

Similarly, if you are wanting to deck out Specialist ‘Irish’ with a new skin, here is how to unlock ‘Irish’ Battle Hardened skin in Battlefield 2042.

(Source: Twitter)

Finally, Battlefield Mobile has appeared on the Google Play Store, and it even features huge battles and destruction. Alternatively, we already know about Battlefield 2042 & Portal season content thanks to another huge leak.

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