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Battlefield 2042: Fastest Way to Level Up Weapons & Unlock Attachments

If you want to level up your Battlefield 2042 weapons fast and unlock all attachments, here’s how to do it!

Battlefield 2042 is here at last, and players are looking forward to dropping into All Out Warfare, Portal, and Hazard Zone with their squads.

The game is currently getting positive reviews from players, with many users happy to get their hands on the game after all this time. However, it’s worth noting that there’s a major feature missing from Battlefield 2042 that’s disappointing fans.

Battlefield 2042

On top of that, there’s a new low FPS issue that’s plaguing Battlefield 2042‘s launch day.

Thankfully you can follow this guide to use Battlefield 2042’s best settings for performance and FPS to help remedy the situation.

UPDATE: This method has now been patched by EA DICE. Here is the new best way to level up guns after the Portal XP nerf!

Battlefield 2042: How to Level Up Guns Fast & Unlock All Attachments

If you’re looking to level up all your guns in Battlefield 2042 as fast as possible, getting all attachments with ease, here’s how it’s done!

  • First, unlock the weapon you want to level up fast and unlock attachments for.
  • Then, head to the Main Menu and select Battlefield Portal.
  • In Portal mode, find a lobby that reference being a Bot Lobby or XP Farm. Alternatively, make your own lobby with Battlefield Portal’s editor!
  • These lobbies will be full of bots with 1 HP and no guns. Simply gun them down with your weapon of choice to quickly and easily rack up XP for your loadout!

And just like that, you’ll be unlocking all Battlefield 2042 attachments fast for your gun. Thanks to DICE’s decision to let Portal mode count towards progression, it’s no problem to get all the best unlocks with ease.

Then, you can follow our guide to creating the best loadouts in Battlefield 2042 for a top-tier weapon.

What’s more, you can even unlock the Tier 1 skin for Battlefield 2042 weapons incredibly fast! This method is demonstrated by YouTuber Shezzy in the video below:

And don’t forget to unlock all Specialists in Battlefield 2042 on launch day.

After all, this overpowered Specialist gives you wallhacks in-game.

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