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Battlefield 2042 Fans Worried That It Won’t Be Fixed For a Long Time

As time goes on, Battlefield 2042 players are getting increasingly worried that the game won’t be fixed for a long time!

It’s fair to say that Battlefield 2042 has had a rough launch. Bugs and glitches have plagued the game so far.

While there is cause for hope as DICE has been working on 2 Battlefield 2042 updates to fix critical issues, fans aren’t feeling too optimistic.

In fact, many Battlefield 2042 players don’t think the game will be in a good state any time soon.

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Battlefield 2042

How Long Will It Take For DICE To Fix Battlefield 2042?

After the news that Battlefield 2042 has lost half of its Steam player base, things aren’t looking good for the game. Now, players are beginning to fear the worst.

Battlefield 2042 has suffered from all kinds of issues. This includes design choices like the maps being way too big and empty and performance issues causing players to have very low FPS in Battlefield 2042.

This prompted many angry players to request refunds for Battlefield 2042. Although, not all were successful.

It’s no easy task to address all of these problems, even if DICE has delayed the Battlefield 2042 content update to focus on bug fixes. Despite DICE’s best efforts though, players don’t seem very hopeful.

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Battlefield 2042

A new post on the Battlefield subreddit with the title ‘2042 will not be fixed for a LONG time’, has been upvoted thousands of times by other players.

This is in response to the news that the ongoing issues with hit registration in Battlefield 2042 are still a “work in progress”.

Let’s hope that the players are wrong and DICE has the situation under control. However, there’s no way to tell how long it’ll take the developer to fully fix the game.

Although, there isn’t much time left to save the game after the Battlefield 2042 player count reached an all-time low.

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Meanwhile, even if there is still time to save Battlefield 2042, it might be too late for some game modes. Players believe that Battlefield Hazard Zone is “already dead”.

What’s more, Battlefield Portal is also suffering from very low players counts. Could this game mode also be quickly dying too?

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