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Battlefield 2042 Fans Want Game to Be a Warning Against Pre-Orders

Battlefield 2042 fans are now warning other communities about buying into the hype and pre-ordering games.

Over the last few years, gamers have fallen for the pre-order trick time and time again. While in the past, pre-ordering was a way to ensure you could actually find a title on its release day, now that’s no longer the case.

Instead, developers offer incentives to get people to spend their money early, been for digital products. In Battlefield 2042’s case, gamers were even able to pay extra to play the game a week before standard edition owners.

Because of this artificial incentive, many players splashed out for the Battlefield 2042 Gold or Ultimate Editions. Many gamers spent $100-120 on the title, just because EA pretended that they were getting to play the game early, when really everyone else just got a week delay.

Battlefield 2042

And after a lot of players ended up canceling their Battlefield 2042 pre-order for a refund in the end, now fans are warning others against pre-ordering any game.

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Battlefield 2042 Fans Warn Gamers ‘Don’t Pre-Order Games’

After playing Battlefield 2042 for a couple of months now, gamers are warning others about the danger of pre-ordering games.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a lot of Battlefield 2042 owners try to get a refund after the game failed to live up to expectations.

Many Battlefield 2042 players feel scammed after buying the game only for it to be a disappointing experience with many missing features. And while EA is finally starting to respond to fan feedback, it’s not looking promising.

The new Battlefield Director is letting fans know that Battlefield 2042 improvements will take some time. And with players dropping from the game fast, there’s no guarantee that the FPS will survive the coming months.

“How many times do people need to fall for this until they learn to stop pre-ordering and buying games without even checking up on the status of them?” Reddit user Splinterman11 writes. “At this point if you’ve spent $100 on this game I’m just gonna say that you deserve it.”

Battlefield 2042

After seeing pre-orders disappoint gamers time and time again, the Battlefield 2042 community has had enough. And now, users on the game’s subreddit are warning others against buying into the hype.

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Battlefield 2042 Fans Regret Pre-Orders in 2022

There’s no question that Battlefield 2042 had some of the best trailers out there, but EA was careful not to show too much actual gameplay in them. And it’s because of the game’s marketing that so many players feel scammed right now.

“Yes pre-ordering is bad, many of us did it, but let’s not turn on each other now…” JM761 writes as a reply. “It was still EA/DICE that produced this horrible game. It’s still on them.”

Right now, Battlefield 2042’s player count is below Battlefield 5 on Steam, and things are not looking good. But the Battlefield 2042 community is actually happy the game is losing players

We’ve got some incredibly exciting games releasing in 2022. And any one of these highly-anticipated FPS games releasing this year could be the Battlefield 2042 replacement we need right now.

But be careful with your money, and avoid pre-orders where possible. After all, anything on the list could end up being the next Battlefield 2042.

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Comments 3


Dom D.

Monday 10th of January 2022

I learned my damn lesson. Never again will I pre-order a game. EA and Dice owe me huge for buying into this crap they've been pushing the last 2 releases. #makebattlefieldgreatagain


Friday 14th of January 2022

@Dom D., If people would stop preordering, which is nothing more than buying into the hype, this sort of thing would stop overnight.


Sunday 9th of January 2022

EA & Dice are need to respond to Battle field regular players complaints about this major failure they are name it 2042 . They're very good Battle field pro players everywhere they are need to listen to them to save This game before it's coming dead . There's still time to save the game question is are EA & Dice listen or not bsafawi1974