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Battlefield 2042 Fans Urge DICE To Take Back Control From EA

Now that Battlefield 2042 is finally released globally, the game’s developers at DICE are being told by the fans to take back their company’s control from EA.

Battlefield 2042 was one of the most talked-about games this year. However, the hype died down quickly with players already leaving terrible reviews for the game on Steam.

This year’s Battlefield title has a surprisingly high number of issues. And now, the long-time fans of the franchise want this to be a lesson to take a step towards the right direction.

But first, make sure you run Battlefield 2042 in the best settings possible for higher FPS and better performance.

battlefield 2042 dice

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Battlefield 2042 Fans Want Dice To Redeem the Game Like No Man’s Sky

Battlefield fans are some of the most vocal bunch and have already come up with plans to improve on the latest title. After all when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

One such fan ‘marmite22’ took the Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to express their suggestions to improve the game. The community quickly came to an agreement with the post, becoming one of the most awarded posts of all time for the subreddit.

“Take back control of your company. Get rid of the people that f**** this game up and don’t let them pass the buck. The current leadership failed and need to be ousted.”

The post was simply a letter to the DICE, developers for Battlefield 2042, to take back control from EA. Many users also suggested that if Hello Games can redeem No Man’s Sky so can the team at DICE.

From Battlefield 204222 maps being too big to players demanding the return of the classic scoreboard, the game has numerous issues upsetting the players.

That said, many players have given up on the game and are already requesting refunds after the broken launch.

Meanwhile, if you’re a console player enjoying Battlefield 2042, you’ll want to be using the best controller settings for Battlefield 2042.

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Comments 12


Zack F

Monday 22nd of November 2021

This BF is worse than the last one and I didn't even think that was possible. Get rid of the dumb specialists you fixed a system that wasn't broken. I've played maps and couldn't tell friend from foe. I only play portal now because I can't stand the stupid woke specialists EA wanted in this game. No one asked for that so there's no reason to put them there. The fan base for battlefield games don't need a bunch of avengers flying around fighting eachother this is not Apex.. Im so disappointed with this game I think I might ask for a refund and find a different shooter to play one like Insurgency Sandstorm.

Jake L

Sunday 21st of November 2021

Waaaay too few weapons. Maybe they'll add more and by the time bf6 comes out, 2042 might be good. But that's inexcusable. Yes the game is fun. But most games are fun. Take responsibility, be willing to go without a game that's fun, so that they lose money and have to change, because that's the only way they WILL change

Maps are too big, specialists are awful. Imo the specialists are ea's idea. They came in and said hey we need to virtue signal by having as few white male characters as possible, but when we did that with bf5 people pointed out that there weren't a whole lot of black female german soldiers with weird pronouns and prosthetic limbs. So if we make the game have "specialists" this will force people into playing as all these minorities to get different playstyles

One handgun, seriously?? The revolver is dumb, as is having a joke niche weapon like that in every class. And you couldn't include the army's new handgun the sig 320? I mean you did but you ruined it by making it a pistol caliber carbine

The whole changing attachments on the fly thing is stupid. No soldier runs around with 50 accessories and deploys them in the field, for one because you need to zero optics. Being able to change caliber, barrel, and lower receiver on the fly is even stupider. That's not how any of this works. Do better.

Wing suits, deployable turret shields, electronic smart rails, a revive pistol for crying out loud? All that sci fi bs is already in games like halo and crysis, and they do it better. And you can only add stuff like that if the actual, foundational weapons and gunplay and gameplay is there. When in this game those are all of the things you omitted. A competent battlefield game isn't buried in this near future cluster F and for that we should all vote with our wallets


Sunday 21st of November 2021

And bring back single player campaign also...I'm really thinking about returning it....


Sunday 21st of November 2021

The game is fun as hell, yeah it has bugs that will get fixed but I bet if it was not a EA title people would be loving it.

Real Fan

Sunday 21st of November 2021

@Paul, Brought to you by a shill


Sunday 21st of November 2021

Come on game developers..y'all have to do much better than this. Y'all are charging us 70 and more dollars for these half ass finished games and that's just wrong.