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Battlefield 2042 Fans Still Requesting Refunds Weeks After Launch

It seems that the Battlefield 2042 community is still less than happy with the state of the game and many fans are requesting refunds.

If you’re a Battlefield 2042 owner, chances are you’re aware of some of the issues with the game. It’s clear that fans were hoping for more with EA’s highly-anticipated shooter, and it’s leading to some frustration online.

Recently, fans began to worry that Battlefield 2042 could be the death of the Battlefield franchise.

And in an effort to spark some change, there’s even a new Battlefield 2042 boycott planned for this weekend. But for some fans, the boycott is starting already.

Battlefield 2042

After growing tired of the game’s problems, Battlefield 2042 fans are abandoning the game in droves. Right now, Battlefield 2042 isn’t in the top 100 games on Steam only 2 months after launch.

Because of that, it appears that Battlefield 2042 matchmaking times are getting insanely long, and that’s not a good sign. And it’s driving many Battlefield 2042 owners to continue requesting refunds…

Battlefield 2042 Refunds Requested By Angry Fans – January 2022

Battlefield 2042 players are still successfully requesting refunds for their game in January 2022.

If, like many other gamers, you were unhappy with the state of Battlefield 2042, it is possible to get a refund. The game’s community now wants Battlefield 2042 to be a warning against pre-orders moving forward.

With many users feeling like they were Battlefield 2042 is a scam, with no roadmap available yet, it’s not surprising to see more fans requesting their money back.

Yesterday, Reddit user Roboserg posted to the game’s subreddit after having successfully refunded Battlefield 2042 on Steam. Despite the user playing more than 2 hours of the game, their claims that the game is too broken to be sold were enough to persuade Steam Support to issue a refund against its own policy.

Battlefield 2042 refund request

It seems the user’s success has begun a resurgence of refund requests, as Battlefield 2042 community members tire of the game. Not everyone is successful with Steam refunds however, and those on PlayStation and Xbox are facing far more issues.

“I’m doing it, squad,” writes user Life_is_a_Taco. “Refunding the ultimate edition because this isn’t Battlefield.”

Recently, the new Battlefield Director told fans that improvements would take some time.

However, shortly afterward, some choice words by the EA Communications Director went viral in the Battlefield 2042 community. And not for a reason that the publisher will be happy about.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that Battlefield 2042 content updates might not be enough to save the game.

And with Battlefield 5 already overtaking Battlefield 2042 on Steam, it’s clear that the player base is dropping fast – with or without refunds.

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Comments 9


Friday 4th of February 2022

BRIAN paid by EA/Dice to samý this game Is fine.But all players Now thé true game suck.!!!!

Chris D

Thursday 27th of January 2022

Seriously Brian, no issues on PS5? I’ve had TONS of problems, and they seem to be getting worse over time: falling through the bottom of the map, locking up, today I had a new one: while in a vehicle, endlessly circling as the game locked up my console and controls, can’t aim down sights, and the list goes on. I’ve been a die hard BF player since Bad Company 2, and this might finally break me. Uninspired maps, these goddamned ‘specialists’, tons of bugs, no VOIP, no scoreboard. It’s like they took this maxing franchise and replaced the entire thing with a hot mess of SJW nonsense. No excuses for this mess of a game I spent $120 USD on for ultimate edition! I’d like a refund and to go back and play BF4; that was messed up but at least it got sorted (with clear communication and a friggin roadmap) and was fantastic!


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

What is the player count on console? Steam represents the pc players but not console players. The game runs pretty good on PS5 since the 3rd update. Most of these people crying about it are the “Pc MaStEr RaCe” knobs.


Tuesday 18th of January 2022

i've been enjoying the game but the bugs def need fixed. im so tired of having to back out of the game completely because one game you can play the next you cant deploy especially when playing with friends it has got old very quickly. there are so many more bugs that need fixed that it seems its not of importance to the bf creators. This should have been addressed right away in order to keep bf alive. Im not going to give up on it so quickly but alot of the issues need checked out rather then just drag it out until the creators decide to start looking into the issues. you cant expect to drop a new game and not have flaws that need fixed rather then disappear and do nothing until you feel like getting around to it. its a go figure to why the fan base is upset and wanting refunds.


Tuesday 18th of January 2022

Lmao this is is playable. Refunds shouldn't be given and I'm tired of seeing all of these whiney ass could be better and it will get better. Sucks that it is the way it is right now but it will get better. Just go play another glitchy game for a while and come back if you aren't happy. I have been having fun with it.


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

@Wanton22, for real. I haven’t even been having that many issue with it on PS5 since the last update. Minor things here and there but not a deal breaker.