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Battlefield 2042 Fans Are Requesting Refunds After Broken Launch

Some fans are not giving DICE and EA second chances, with refund requests already piling up after a broken Battlefield 2042 launch.

Battlefield 2042’s launch has been eventful, to say the least.

Gamers jumped into the early access period yesterday. As soon as this happened, the complaints started to pop up.

Many gamers experience bugs and glitches all around.

Gamers were almost immediately affected by an issue affecting Battlefield 2042’s EA Play Trial on Xbox platforms.

After this, the landslide of complaints continued. Now, some gamers are not taking second chances.

Battlefield 2042 Refunds PC PS5 Xbox

Battlefield 2042 Fans Request Refund for a Multitude of Reasons

Some Battlefield 2042 are already requesting refunds due to technical issues and an overall lackluster launch.

A Reddit user summarized some of the most common reasons for these refunds. Among these, the lack of Squad voice chat and announcer was a highlight.

Furthermore, many gamers complained about how dreadful the audio design is in Battlefield 2042.

Some gamers are still trying to gain access to the game, even though pre-orders were in place.

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PC and Console Battlefield 2042 Gamers Are Requesting Refunds

On the PC front, things did not look promising either. PC gamers are already requesting refunds due to unusually low FPS on Battlefield 2042.

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Other PC gamers are simply running into random crashes in the middle of matches.

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Additionally, some gamers stated they are entirely leaving the ship in favor of other FPS offerings.

Moreover, bugs are so widespread in Battlefield 2042 that gamers have witnessed hovercrafts driving up walls.

On the console front, many Battlefield 2042 players have complained about broken aim assist.

Fans are upset even with the basic functionality of the game. In detail, many gamers are upset about the lack of a scoreboard.

As you can see, the reasons vary widely. Although, the great majority are completely solid reasons that point out weak spots in the game.

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Mike Taylor

Wednesday 1st of December 2021

This game is a major downgrade in a lot of ways. Lack of scoreboard, squad voice, server chat, weapons, maps, gamemodes, you name it. I was waiting so long for a good battlefield to help rekindle my passion for videogames, and then this comes out to disappoint. I hadn't played the series since a year after BF1 came out and was really excited to get back to it, especially because of Portal. We all know how that went. I miss BF4's customization and simplicity. It was a lot easier to wrap one's head around, though granted, the "+" system was a good idea for swapping attachments on the fly like in Crysis. I refunded my top tier edition recently and I don't plan to come back until the game is fixed, has a healthy amount of content like it should have had at launch, and a hefty price cut.

Steve hine

Monday 22nd of November 2021

I've been a battlefield fan for years . Paid £53.99 for bf 2042 only to find out I've got a xbox one and my mates got a new xbox series x and we can't get in the same squad like in bf4 . Who do I contact to get a refund


Sunday 21st of November 2021

The reason people like bf is because it's eveything cod is not. It offered better ui, better sound, a plethora of unique was to play and work together as a team. The developers literally removed those entire features! What do you think would happen if you removed everything that made battlefield battlefield?


Friday 19th of November 2021

Loadouts don't save. Have to spend the first 3 minutes of every match completely rebuilding my loadouts. And that's when I can get into a match without being stuck in an infinite load prematch screen.

Driving a tank, only to go over some terrain and just...fall through the terrain, looking up at the tank that I was just operating as I fall forever into nothingness. Only option is to redeploy. Hit detection is abysmal at best, and down right non existent at worst. Can literally have a guy standing still not moving, fire a shot on his head, and watch the round sail casually through like he's not even there. No hit, no anything.

Watching a tank drive up the side of a wall was literally the most WTF inducing moment I've had with this dumpster fire of a game.

In my over 3 decades of gaming, this is the first time I've EVER requested a refund for a game.


Friday 19th of November 2021

6PM on the Est Coast and no change since yesterday and the same issues. I bypassed on CODV because I thought Batttlefield was a better choice BIG MISTAKE in line for my refund.!!!