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Battlefield 2042 Fans Feel the Game Needs To Go Free To Play

Battlefield fans are some of the most vocal and hardcore fans, and now they feel that Battlefield 2042 needs to become free to play.

It’s not a surprise anymore that this year’s Battlefield did not live to the fans’ expectations.

Several reasons like the introduction of a new Specialists system and the big open maps without any cover added to the game doing poorly.

Despite the players expressing their anger towards this, Battlefield 2042 Specialists will also be a part of future titles.

With little to no hope of redemption, Battlefield 2042 players are now suggesting that the game should be free to play.

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battlefield 2042 free to play weekend

Battlefield 2042 Fans Believe Free To Play Might Save the Dying Game

Following the disappointing free weekend of Battlefield 2042 on Steam, players now believe that the major change can save the game.

Youtuber ‘XFactor’ took to Twitter to express their concerns about Battlefield 2042’s free weekend. They stated that the game’s player count remained the same. And only a big overhaul like going free to play can save the dying game.

Additionally, Reddit user ‘Youngstown_Mafia‘ took to Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to share their opinion. The player stated that they agree with the tweet, and failing to take this measure will result in the game’s demise.

Also, a majority of the community felt that they wasted their money on this year’s Battlefield title. However, one user pointed towards one of the perils of going free to play.

“FPS game going free to play? I’m sure that won’t lead to an influx of cheating.”

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battlefield 2042 free

The power to make a decision like this lies in the hands of EA. But it would be interesting to see if a dramatic change like this is enough to save Battlefield 2042.

In other news, popular 64 player game modes are available in Battlefield 2042 for a limited time.

On top of this, Battlefield 2042’s 64 player game modes have already killed the 128 players AOW.

Finally, make sure you use these best settings to boost your immersion levels in Battlefield 2042:

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