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Battlefield 2042 Fans Demand Specialists Removal

With EA looking to improve the game and give some hope to the players, Battlefield 2042 fans want the Specialists removed from the game.

Battlefield 2042 has continued to make the headlines, although for all the wrong reasons. The latest title not only lacks content but also has plenty of game ruining glitches and bugs.

Whether it be a lack of a proper scoreboard or the absence of voice chat, the game continues to disappoint most players. On top of this, Battlefield 2042 won’t be getting voice chat any time soon!

While the list of demands and grievances continue to outweigh the good in the game, many in the community feel it’s time to bid farewell to the Specialists.

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battlefield 2042 specialists sundance Mackay

Removing Specialists From Battlefield 2042 Is Non-negotiable, Say Fans

It looks like fans want the classes back in the series, with EA promising to listen to feedback to improve Battlefield 2042.

Introducing Specialists in this year’s Battlefield never sat well with the players. And most of them aren’t even used, as players spam Mackay and Sundance due to their flanking prowess, ruining the flow of the game.

Reddit user ‘EmperorCrap‘ took to Battlefield 2042’s subreddit to share their opinions. The player feels the game is in a bad state right now. However, improvements alone won’t bring back the essence of the Battlefield franchise.

Many in the community agreed with the take and chipped in with their opinions as well. While most fans are suggesting to remove the Battlefield Specialists altogether, one user pointed out why that might be far-fetched.

“They can’t remove specialists because they’ve sold them through the Gold and Ultimate editions. They’d be in legal trouble if they did. At most they can move specialists into class categories and restrict some weapons.”

Reddit user ‘Ghostflux’

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battlefield 2042 specialists need change old class system back

In other news, Battlefield 2042 Season 1 delay has prompted a new wave of refund requests.

To make matters even worse, EA Customer Support is claiming Battlefield 2042 players are happy with the game.

Finally, considering how the players are leaving left and right, should Battlefield 2042 continue to ban its player for this weird reason?

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Monday 7th of February 2022

another crappy article by some random person on the internet. Get a life


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

Listening to players is what got them here in the first place and it goes way back to BF1. Battlefield players are the biggest winers of all gamers. I like the game the way it is except for the outrageous pig for the first 15 mins you play. I have liked all of the Battlefields from day one. These people need to play the game the way the devs meat them to or play something else.


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

@Beastlee, this game is just a mess between warzone and fortnight, who's stupid idea was seasons any way??? Where did that come from? Fortnight and war zone, free to play games. Specialists are a joke, the maps are rubbish, game is poorly optimised , actually had better performance on a 6800xt to what I get with a 3080. I have been playing battlefield since 2004, maxxed every title on PC , Dice had a game developed and EA scrapped it to deliver this Warzone/fortnite debacle, as EA wanted them to do what they perceived as popular. They have destroyed a good franchise, all the needed to do was remaster 3 or 2142 and job done


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

Just like the other games, get rid of all the cheats

Thursday 3rd of February 2022

@Beastlee, Well on Steam alone the game has gone from 100,000+ players in november to less than 4000 last night. 96 thousand players less. Clearly they took your advice... Might want to rethink it when there is no one left to play with.