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Battlefield 2042 Players Can’t Find a Game as Servers Lie Empty

Battlefield 2042’s empty servers look like the death knell for a game on the ropes.

It was supposed to be the glorious return of a franchise that had struggled to capture the imagination in recent years, but it’s looking more and more like Battlefield 2042 is a new low-point for the series.

At launch – and since – the game has come under fire; with a lack of core Battlefield features (I mean really, no scoreboard or voice chat?), poor performance, and numerous game-breaking bugs being the most stunning criticisms.

All of which has been compounded by the increasingly long queue times players are suffering. Leading some to suggest that Battlefield 2042 could signal the death of the franchise.

Now, it looks like the game is reaching crisis point, as players are reporting that servers are simply lying empty.

Battlefield 2042’s Empty Servers Mean Players Can’t Find A Game

News that Battlefield 2042 is increasingly played only by bots is not new, but it appears the situation is getting worse, with players now claiming they can’t find any populated servers.

This comes after calls to save the game by making it free-to-play, a move not everyone who forked over full-price for the game a couple of months ago is in agreement with.

Battlefield 2042 Vehicle

A recent thread on the official Battlefield 2042 subreddit, a place even the game’s own developers are reluctant to look, has highlighted how low the server population has gotten and how badly shortchanged the player base feels.

Upvoted by over 2000 people, the title reads:

“I literally paid $120 for a game I can’t really play. Servers are empty.”

“I am deeply sad to see my favorite franchise go to s**t,” wrote the Reddit user. “I don’t wish this upon any other title out there.

“It’s truly heartbreaking.”

The raw player numbers back up this assertion. While we can only get figures for Steam, the downward trend is stark.

From a peak of 105K concurrent players on launch day, the game now averages around 7K. Last weekend (weekends being traditionally the most active time for games) Battlefield 2042 failed to break the 10K mark.

To put those figures into perspective. That amounts to less than half the players present on Battlefield V, the previous entry to the franchise. It gets worse, as even 2016’s Battlefield 1 has managed to best the latest game.

Here’s how the numbers looked for the last seven days, courtesy of SteamDB.

With some now claiming servers are failing to populate with bots, there’s very little to do in the multiplayer-only shooter.

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What Now for Battlefield 2042?

In the replies, few disagreed with the thread starter, with many again calling for EA to refund buyers feeling “scammed” by the publisher.

Whether the game has a future or not is uncertain. DICE is still actively communicating with the player base and released an update last week that made further improvements to the scoreboard.

Battlefield 2042 bots empty servers no players

Voice chat functionality is also on the way, but by the time it comes out will there be anyone to actually talk to?

Especially if it’s true that any forthcoming improvements will “take some time”. Words which were spoken by Battlefield’s new Game Director, Marcus Lehto, at the start of the year.

Lehto wasn’t present for much of Battlefield 2042’s development, but with many feeling that the latest title should be consigned to the scrap heap, how much time do you realistically spend on it?

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Comments 39



Friday 28th of January 2022

1st of all... I think not having voice.. Isnt that bad.. Because.. I Can tell you now.. The Toxic.. Salty.. Mfs.. Mouths is going to be the loudest....

The ffact you have to hang in a server lobby for 4 hrs and no game.. Well... That sucks ass.. And yeah.. Its sad we had to pay $100 for this game.. And steam users gets their money back.. Thats Steamsism


Friday 28th of January 2022

Call of Duty: Vanguard is not much different. When playing the multiplayer games, most players are bots.


Friday 28th of January 2022

I am so sick of seeing all this negative fake news about this game. I have actively been playing this game since it came out. I only had one issue after the last update I couldn't get on for a night. Other than that, the game has been and still is a wonderful game!


Sunday 30th of January 2022

@Curtis, LMAO You fucking donkey


Friday 28th of January 2022

@Curtis, lol you're in complete denial.


Friday 28th of January 2022

People defending this atrocity are just mad they bought a steaming pile of dog shit. lmao. the numbers don't lie, more people are on BFV and BF1. They're straight-up better games.

I played the game a few times and one of the biggest things I cannot stand is the god-awful lines the characters say at the end of a match. Jesus Christ, it's easily one of the most cringe things to ever happen in gaming history. "Well well well, that was fun!" has never been said by any soldier coming out of a battle in any war ever. Are we playing a realistic-style shooter set in an apocalyptic WW3 scenario? Or are we playing a light-hearted cartoon shooter like Fortnight? The voice lines are a top reason why I decided to not purchase this abomination.

They should delete this piece of shit and remaster BF4 or 3 and add a BR, that's what people want. Hazard Zone is a fucking joke. It was supposed to "scratch the BR itch", and it's terrible. Firestorm was one of the most fun BR's that came out IMO, how did they go from Firestorm to Hazard Zone?

How they managed to miss the mark so profoundly with 2042 is astounding. Everyone responsible for decision-making during the development of this game should be embarrassed.


Monday 7th of March 2022


You stopped playing a game because of a couple lines the characters say at the end of a match? LOL youre a joke. EA got your money lol awww too bad!!!!


Friday 28th of January 2022

No online only games for me