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Battlefield 2042 Easy Anti-Cheat Already Bypassed By Hackers & Cheaters

The Battlefield 2042 Beta hasn’t even begun yet, and already there are claims that the new Easy Anti-Cheat has been bypassed by hackers.

Recently, we reported that Battlefield 2042 will be using Easy Anti-Cheat, the same Anti-Cheat system that Apex Legends uses.

However, news surrounding Battlefield 2042 has been somewhat negative lately. One rumor has even claimed that Battlefield 2042 could be delayed until March 2022.

Despite this, players at least felt reassured that Battlefield 2042 would have measures in place to stop hackers from running rampant.

Although worryingly, one Battlefield 2042 cheat provider had a huge boost in traffic just before the Beta period.

Similarly, we reported that Battlefield 2042’s Easy Anti-Cheat is good, but it has huge flaws. Now it appears that this flaw is already causing problems.

Battlefield 2042 Beta File Size - PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & PC
(Source: EA DICE)

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Battlefield 2042 Easy Anti-Cheat EAC Bypassed

According to multiple reliable sources, the Battlefield 2042 Easy Anti-Cheat system has already been compromised by hackers.

Interestingly, reliable sources such as Tom Henderson & TheGhostofHope both reported that Easy Anti-Cheat has been bypassed.

Whilst this isn’t good news for Battlefield fans, the extent of how badly the game has been affected is unclear. We would hope with the Battlefield 2042 Beta about to kick off, this may be rectified before the official release date.

(Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, credible evidence has been given and verified, according to the sources.

Right now, we don’t know whether this means hacks and cheats will be everywhere once the game launches. Although the Vanguard Beta has also had a similar problem with hackers.

Whilst Battlefield 2042 early gameplay impressions remain mixed for the time being, there are obviously growing concerns with the game, especially considering the game’s Beta has been continually pushed back.

How To Watch Battlefield 2042 'Exodus' Short Film
(Source: EA DICE)

Similarly, there are some game modes that haven’t even been shown off yet, such as Hazard Zone, which is likely to be revealed on this date.

With this in mind, only time can tell what this means for the future of Battlefield 2042. However, it’s worth noting that EA DICE may already have more anti-cheat measures in place to stop hackers and cheaters.

We will continue to keep you posted on any updates with regards to Battlefield 2042 and the Battlefield 2042 Beta.

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Sunday 14th of November 2021

EA should give us the names of hackers. No game names, their real names. Then we can post them on all social media. And the shame them. The way they should be. And the names of the scum writing the hacks. Simple. Hacking in games will end.